The Kirby Nendoroid is certainly magnetic

Kirby is easily one of Nintendo’s most adorable icons. He’s our little, blobular buddy! Naturally, this means he’s extra adorable in Nendoroid form. The Good Smile Company figure is one of the most unique in the line. Since he’s a spherical sort of guy, the company couldn’t do the usual thing where arms, legs, heads, and waists have a hole-plug situation. Instead, the power of magnetism lets you customize this cutie pie.

Kirby Nendoroid Contents

The Kirby Nendoroid comes with 15 parts in the box. Four of these are faceplates, three are hands, two are feet, there’s the main body, a Sword hat, a Fire hat,a sword, a Star Rod and a fireball. To connect the faceplates to the body, you twist to clip the parts together. The back body part and face faceplates all have magnets inside of them. This lets the hats, hands, and feet stick to him in any possible position. As for the sword and Star Rod, one hand has indents in it, allowing it to grip the accessories. The fireball has a small indent and transparent stand.

Kirby Nendoroid Contents 2

The result is a seamless figure, once you get the Kirby Nendoroid put together in a pleasing arrangement. The magnets are quite strong, allowing you to shift them into the perfect poses. It allows for some very dynamic positioning that evoke actions from the games. For example, I pushed Kirby’s arms and feet toward the back of the figure in the pose below. It makes it look as though he’s inhaled some air and taken to the skies. Arch him back on the stand; it looks like he’s floating. It really keeps Kirby true to the original character.

Puffy Kirby Nendoroid

And certainly, people have responded to this Kirby Nendoroid. The original run was released in January 2016. It proved so popular, a second will come in June 2016. He’ll also be getting a friend. A Meta Knight Nendoroid was revealed at the 2016 Winter Wonder Festival. It’s easy to see why, when you look at the variations and detail that went into Kirby.

Sword Kirby Nendoroid

Pre-orders have closed for the next run of Kirby Nendoroids at the Good Smile Company Online Store. But that’s okay. Even though it did include an exclusive Maxim Tomato, it was ¥4,167 and shipping would have been about ¥2,000, making it about $55. Amazon has listings for the little guy that come in under $50 and include free Prime shipping. He’s a little costly, sure, but he’s worth it.

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