Review: Dragon Quest Builders’ structure makes freedom sweeter

Dragon Quest Builders has clear Minecraft inspirations, but its JRPG sensibilities make it far from a carbon copy. With a third-person view and a larger focus on aesthetics, it certainly looks different, but it’s the game’s quest structure that makes it play like its own thing.

The surprising part, though? These quests don’t serve to constrain players so much as guide them and provide a framework to shirk when they want.

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Review: Clobberin’ slime in Dragon Quest Heroes

Before explaining what Dragon Quest Heroes is, it’s best to say what it isn’t. It’s not related to Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, which we’ve discussed before, even though it shares its name with the localized portable classic. It’s not a traditional Dragon Quest game, with turn-based combat and worlds to explore. It’s not massively-multiplayer or even marginally-multiplayer; though slashing’s often better with friends, Heroes is purely a solo affair.

Most importantly, though, Dragon Quest Heroes, despite being developed by Omega Force, is not a Musou game.

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