Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns New Neighbors Pack: what to expect

Something big has happened with Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. In case you missed it, XSEED released DLC for the Nintendo 3DS at the beginning of November 2017. This is rather unexpected, as most Bokujou Monogatari games are rather self contained. So what can you expect if you grab this extra content? Well, Michibiku is here to help with any questions you might have!

How do I get it?

You actually have to buy the Story of Season: Trio of Towns DLC in-game. After updating your game to version 1.1, you will see a new menu option. Selecting it will prompt it to ask you for $7.99 for the add-on. After saying yes, it will download to your game. Now, new and existing files will have access to this additional content.

Some people refer to New Neighbors Pack as an expansions; is it that big?

Yes! It is really rather huge. In the Japanese version of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, these add-ons were doled out over six months in four patches. They ended up containing over 200,000 Japanese characters worth of text. That is as long as some games. Part of this is due to the two new romance candidates added to this installment. But, it is also due to an extra storyline, new events with bachelors and bachelorettes both alone and as a group and moments where your family actually comes back to spend time with you. The new routes alone should take hours to complete, should you decide to go ahead and romance one of these famous figures.

Who are the new romance candidates?

Both of the new love interests are existing characters in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Stephanie and Woofio appear as MCs for in-game festivals, with Stephanie focusing on things like the flower festival and Woofio handling ones related to animals.

After getting to a point in the story, Stephanie and Woofio will move into two of the game’s towns. Stephanie will live in Westown, while Woofio stays in Lulukoko Village. Each one will will have love events, and you can have children with them. Each one must be proposed to during their final love event, lest you be locked out of marrying them.

Of the two, I found Woofio’s storyline more interesting. This is not to say Stephanie’s is boring. There is just unexpected depth to Woofio that comes through when you pursue that character.

Beyond the new love interests, does anything else important happen in the New Neighbors Pack?

Quite a bit happens! A lot of the new events do more to establish relationships between our farmer and the characters in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns’ world. In the original game, your parents show up briefly in the beginning to poo-poo your plans of being a farmer, then move away. With the New Neighbors Pack, Daryl, Marlena and Lynn show up again. There are new opportunities to interact with the various romance candidates as a group, both with a dinner, tea party and fishing event. When you go to spend time with friends in-town, perhaps to have lunch, you will see new scenes. You also get more moments with your special someone.

Inari becomes a richer character in the New Neighbors Pack. This character is the only love interest available to both genders, in the same way that Harvest Moon: Magical Melody’s Jamie could be romanced by either gender. Due to its magical nature, it was impossible to procreate in the base game. With the add-on, a new event is added that allows a player to have a child with Inari.

On the cosmetic side, there are new outfits. Once you get the 1.1 update and New Neighbors Pack add-on, you will have the Rune Factory 4 hero and heroine’s costumes. You can dress up as a snowman. There are kimonos!

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