Rhythm Heaven Megamix has wonderful wordplay

Have you ever thought about the written word? Tactful terms, appropriately assigned, make messages more meaningful. They develop their own rhythm, flow and life. Rhythm Heaven Megamix is all about finding the flow and the script shows it.

Let’s wander through Rhythm Heaven Megamix‘s wordplay and everything it manages to convey!

rhythm heaven megamix silliness 1

Saluting silliness.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix revels in the remarkable. It’s like the localization team opened the dictionary and went looking for wacky words. Sometimes this means referencing popular culture. It also works unexpectedly intellectual words into its sentence structure. It’s masterful, really, even when it is super silly.

rhythm heaven megamix silliness 2

  • First Contact constantly references David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” In the summation screen, you’ll see both “Ground Control to Translator Tom” and “Mars Control to Farmer Bob.”
  • Micro-Row forgoes the obvious “Mic-row” pun in favor of repetition. And honestly, isn’t “Micro-Row” more fun to say?
  • Fruit Basket is another minigame that goes in for alliteration and snappy references. You’re slam dunking food, so of course the “apple dunks” would be “delish.” And who could ever forget the “lovely lemon landings” line?
  • Instead of going in for the obvious “men from the boys” references, Rat Race shakes things up by giving people a chance to “separate the capybaras from the chinchillas.”
  • Air Rally gets smart with you when you fail. If you miss the last shot of the game, it calls you out on it! But then, it also does congratulate you on an otherwise good game.
  • Do you know what probity means? Or perhaps proboscidean? Bertram does! His dictionary goes from one to the other. Not only does Rhythm Heaven Megamix get you so curious you’ll have to look up these principled and elephantine words, you won’t be able to resist saying them aloud!
  • Super Samurai Slice is pixelated in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The victory screen will suggest the hero is so awesome, he’s 17-bit instead of 16-bit!
  • Pajama Party even gets in on the act, by telling you to get into your jammies and jam!
  • The power of alliteration is strong with games like Animal Acrobat, Blue Bear, Blue Birds, Charging Chicken, Double Date, Figure Fighter, Freeze Frame, Jumpin’ Jazz, Munchy Monk, Packing Pests, Rat Race, Rhythm Rally, See-Saw, Sneaky Spirits, Super Samurai Slice and Tap Trial.

rhythm heaven megamix puns 1

Puns we appreciated.

You have to play Rhythm Heaven Megamix to punderstand how packed full of puns this game is. It’s punbelievable. I apologize for both of those, by the way. But face it. If you were writing this article and knew you’d enjoy this kind of impunity, you’d have no compunction about spunkily punctuating every sentence. Puns are great, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix features some great ones.

rhythm heaven megamix puns 2

  • Catchy Tune is full of them. It works on so many levels. It stars two guys catching fruit and has a catchy background tune. Plus, one of the summary phrases says, “Orange you a great catch.”
  • LumBEARjack lays it on thick too. First, it has a lumberjack theme with a bear chopping wood. Do well on it, and the summary screen makes sure to use “axing” and “hacked” in its commentary!
  • Cheer Readers stars cheerleaders cheering readers.
  • One of the guardians is Hairold. What does Hairold do? Cut hair for a living.
  • Hairold isn’t the only one with a perfect name. The female bear in Blue Bear is Bearbara!
  • Flipper-Flop is all about those flip flopping seals. The title’s one pun, the summary box is referred to as “Seals of approval.” Get the best score, and the image you earn will have a “Flop and give me 20!” subtitle!
  • Spaceball’s minigame is baseball in space. If your score is best, the player will exclaim, “I won first ‘space’!”
  • Sick Beats tasks you with protecting healthy creatures from viruses in time with a rather exceptional beats.
  • When you hear “Working Dough,” you’d like about someone preparing dough to cook, but this minigame actually has working balls of dough.
  • Games often get launch parties, but this Launch Party has rockets launching into space.
  • Jungle Gymnast stars a young monkey who aspires to be an acrobat, performing all sorts of gymnastics as she soars through the jungle’s trees.
  • Flock Step has Rhythm Heaven Megamix‘s Huebirds of Happiness keeping pace and marching together, lock-step. Flock Step!
  • Built to Scale is set in an assembly factory, where you connect two widgets with a rod in time with the musical scales being played. Get it?

Rhythm Heaven Megamix hits all the right beats, and not only with its music. Its words work wonders. The script strikes all the right chords. Are there any magic moments we missed? Let us know!

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