Rune Factory has always offered interesting romantic partners

Given that it is a spin-off of Harvest Moon, it isn’t surprising that romance is a part of Rune Factory. But what may catch someone off guard is how much the games offer. These titles offer lots of people they can spend time with, some of them showing how many different kinds of species live in this fantasy world. They are people who are capable at performing certain jobs and surviving against monsters. Their storylines also can be quite engaging and fun. Essentially, they can go above and beyond.

One of the reasons Rune Factory has always been good for people looking for relationships in games is the sheer number of possible romantic partners available. The games offer a lot of options. The original Rune Factory has 11 possible women to date and marry. (Rune Factory Frontier, its console counterpart, has 12.) Rune Factory 2 cuts back, but it still has seven bachelorettes for the first generation protagonist and three options for each of the second generation avatar options. Rune Factory 3 kicked it back up to 11 again. Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny isn’t as fair to Sonja, as she only has four bachelors to choose from, but Aden does have 10 bachelorettes to choose from. Finally, Rune Factory 4

It is also interesting to see the range of species available in Rune Factory. This is a series set in a fantasy world. That means, there is a wide range of different kinds of people there. The initial game starts out small, only introducing Tabatha the elf as a marriage candidate. Later installments added different kinds of characters to the cast. Cecilia and Orland in Rune Factory 2 are half-elves. Rune Factory 3 has a number of heroines who, like the hero, have monster-sides to them. It also adds a mermaid to the cast, Pia. Rune Factory 4 is the most diverse of all, as we have a dwarf (Doug) and more monster people (like Amber and Dylas). It gives us a better idea of what the population is like and shows how common different species can be.

Rune Factory also has a history of making the romantic partners capable fighters. Starting with Rune Factory 3, players have been able to invite villagers to come with into dungeons. This means a date with a character from that installment on can involve going up to a possible romantic partner, having them join you in a dangerous area and fighting alongside them. It helps show how capable these people might be in a world where folks would have to know fighting basics to survive. It adds another side to them that shows their range.

There is also the way the Rune Factory bachelor and bachelorette options’ storylines offer all sorts of comedic and dramatic moments in equal measure. Depending on the character, they may have an arc that appears to promote a specific sort of story, but can surprise you by becoming surprisingly heartfelt. Sofia, from Rune Factory 3, speaks in opposites, which can make her romantic lines hilarious. Rune Factory‘s Felicity is suffering from an illness, which Ragna has to cure before marrying her. Dorothy, a shy woman in Rune Factory 2, gradually opens up as you get to know her. This results in her talking to everyone normally. There’s a sense of whimsy, but also seriousness, that appear throughout storylines.

Rune Factory has a history of giving people lots of romantic options to choose from in each game. All of these possible partners are built up, with storylines that can be dramatic or fun. In later installments, these other characters can even join a player in the field and show the sorts of battle skills they possess. They are well-rounded characters who offer a sense of depth and realism.

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