Put your Princess Maker 2 Refine princess to work

You want the best for your children, even if they’re virtual. You want these kids to have every opportunity and take on the world. Well, Princess Maker 2 Refine isn’t going to make that easy. This is an occasionally brutal game. Even though you’re a hero who helped save the world, you’re barely scraping by from month-to-month on the allowance the kingdom gives you. That means you have to make your darling daughter, the young princess-in-the-making, work.

Princess Maker 2 Refine begins with six jobs available, each with its own payouts and stat additions and subtractions. Unlike classes, which guarantee nice boosts and sometimes don’t decrease any stats, sending your daughter off to work will always cause one stat to decrease, which means you have to be careful when setting her schedule.

There are six places that are willing to hire your daughter from the moment Princess Maker 2 Refine begins. She can do housework with Cube, your butler, for free, help out in the local church for 1G each day, babysit for 4G a day, let her find a place in the restaurant or inn for 8G a day or toil at the farm for 10G a day. While the money may be tempting, these early roles can help set your heroine on a path to certain positions.


Since it’s easier to go over these sorts of things in lists, here’s the six starting jobs in Princess Maker 2 Refine and what they can do for your little girl.

  • Babysitting: improves sensitivity, decreases glamour. Surprisingly, she needs high sensitivity to be a hero, general, sorceress, magician, general or farmer’s wife.
  • Church volunteer: improves faith and morality, decreases sin. Despite the low pay, this is one of the better jobs. Naturally, religious endings, like the archbishop or nun, and moral posts, like the cabinet minister, PhD and judge, rely on both of these stats.
  • Farmhand: improves stamina and strength, decreases elegance. If you want your daughter to have a fighting or magic reputation to get a warrior or mage ending, you need to boost both of these stats.
  • Housekeeping: increases cleaning, cooking and personality, decreases sensitivity. These are necessary skills for a daughter who wants to conform to stereotypical gender roles. Though, personality must be increased to gain favor with the queen and eventually marry the kingdom’s prince.
  • Innkeeping: increases cleaning, decreases combat skill. If you want an ordinary housewife for a daughter, or someone more domestic like a maid, send her to work in the inn.
  • Restaurant worker: increases cooking, decreases combat skill. If you want her to be a chef, this is a good job for her.

More new jobs are added as the potential princess ages. While none of these alone will help you reach a certain position, they can help with supplemental skills. At age 11, she can be a Lumberjack for 12G a day, boosting her strength while reducing her elegance. Which is fine, if you’re going for a warrior ending. The Salon also becomes available, giving 20G a day, boosting sensitivity and reducing strength. By this point in Princess Maker 2 Refine, you should know if you want your daughter to be some sort of noble or a fighter, and these two jobs help with stats she’d need on either path.


The jobs added at ages 12 and 13 are designed to help you make your daughter into a fighter. As a hunter, she can earn 8G a day while increasing her combat skill, stamina and sin and decreasing her elegance. Watching the sin stat is important, since quite a few endings require her to have a clean slate, but it’s a good job otherwise. It’s certainly better than sending her to be a plasterer, where she only earns 18G a day and builds stamina, lowering glamour in return. If you want her to have a place in high society, perhaps as a queen, concubine or countess, or have a role as some kind of criminal mastermind, she needs to be glamorous. And every good mage had to, at one point, work in a graveyard to earn 8G a day and boost her magical defense and sensitivity. Putting her on the graveyard shift does reduce her glamour, but the magical endings don’t rely on that stat.

Once your daughter passes 14, Princess Maker 2 Refine starts giving you jobs that are much more mature. They’re so adult, in fact, that it’s really surprising to even see them as options for 14, 15 and 16-year-olds. Since there are four new roles available during this time period, with the bar and tutor positions added at 14, sleazy bar added at 15 and night club at 16, we’ll go ahead and turn to another list to organize this information.

  • Barkeep: increases cooking and speech, decreases intelligence. Pays 12G each day. To be honest, the only reason to work here is if you want your daughter to marry the human prince or find a royal position. The only reason to raise her speech stat is so she can talk to the royal concubine. Feel free to ignore this job otherwise.
  • Cabaret worker: increases glamour and karma, decreases intelligence, elegance and personality. Pays 35G each day. The only reason to send your daughter to work here is to put her on a dark path. Avoid it otherwise.
  • Sleazy barkeep: increases glamour and sin, decreases faith, morality and temperament. Pays 45G each day. Unless you’re desperate for money, don’t send your daughter to work here. It’s only good for villainous endings.
  • Tutor: increases morality, decreases glamour. Pays 20G each day. This is one of the best jobs in the game, as many endings rely on the morality stat in some way and only a select few take glamour into account.

Now that you know what’s available, you can start properly planning your Princess Maker 2 Refine daughter’s life. These jobs may not seem like much, but the potential princess will spend much of her time working. People who want to see her become a woman who’s social and involved in the home, government and arts should stick to babysitting, church, salon and tutoring gigs. If you want some sort of warrior, make her do housework at home, as well as be a farmer, graveyard guard, hunter and lumberjack. People who want a more colorful ending could go ahead and send her to the bars and night club. Every week of your little girl’s life matters; don’t go into this game unprepared.

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