Preview: Kicking things off with Amnesia: Memories’ educated man

I don’t remember who I am.

My first memory in Amnesia: Memories is of being awoken by an unknown figure. I didn’t know him, but it probably isn’t a big deal since he didn’t know me either.

The fact that he was asking if I was alive probably wasn’t the best sign.

amnesia memories orion 1
His referring to me as a “human” he might have “killed,” combined with his having horns was rather disconcerting as well.

Still, the spirit, known as Orion, appeared to be showing genuine concern for me. Someone that compassionate can’t be all bad. Besides, he’s a constant companion in Amnesia: Memories, so it behooved me to go ahead and make nice. Sharing a mind with someone means compromising. At least until my memories return shove Orion out.

amnesia memories orion 2
That isn’t what’s important with Amnesia: Memories. Kent is. After meeting Orion, I had a choice. We were between dimensions, and didn’t know which was home. So, I went with what seemed best. Familiar. Safe. I was feeling lucky. So, I choose a clover. I “chose” Kent.

The thing about amnesia is, you don’t know who you can trust. Orion warned me about that before we went back. Let someone know you don’t remember anything, and you could have bad memories inflicted on you. Your life would be wrong. It’s dangerous.

I felt like I could trust Kent, though. Or at least, maybe I can grow to?

amnesia memories orion 3
I feel like maybe I’m a good judge of character? One of the keys to regaining my sense of self in Amnesia: Memories is investigating my surroundings. Books about various forms of Psychology lined my bookshelf. Fitting, since it turns out I’m a Psychology major in college.

Besides, I do have time. It’s only August first. Classes don’t resume until the end of the month. I can take my time getting to know the people around me. Perhaps I’ll know who’s who soon. Orion is a big help, even though he can’t interact with items in the physical world. He’s a constant guide, aiding with information and acting as an invisible protector.

amnesia memories orion 4
But Kent seems familiar. He’s smart and kind, in his way, despite his shirt’s strong resemblence to a straight jacket. We’re having problems, but they don’t seem to be serious ones.

Which is good for me. It’s almost as though I’m truly a blank slate in Amnesia: Memories. Orion doubles as my narrator, helping explain the ways of the world and progression of things.

amnesia memories orion 5
It’s as though things go out of their way to make things as mysterious as possible in Amnesia: Memories. I really do feel as though I know absolutely nothing about this place in which I’ve been thrown. A maid and butler cafe seems more like a standard coffee shop than a fanservice restaurant. My “boyfriend” is a man who seems trustworthy, but also distant. He challenges me though, using basic math as a “test” to determine who will pay for our bill at our first meeting. There’s something appealing about that.

Perhaps the reason Kent is so comforting is because I don’t feel totally useless? As an amnesiac, my abilities are fairly limited. Having someone so smart around is an asset. But, he’s as helpless as I am. At least, that’s my initial impression. It’s clear he’s never been in love before. He may never have even had a girlfriend. Kent can help me regain my sense of self, while I can help him learn something about himself.

Maybe I’m really being led. Perhaps I’m sitting, tapping away, waiting to see where this Amnesia: Memories story leads. Hoping that the choices I make will lead me to not only my true memories, but a happy and loving end?

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