Preview: How’s Musynx changed on Switch and PS4?

Have you ever heard of Musynx? Or maybe you would know it as Musync. This is one of those situations where, “I’ve heard it both ways” would work. Musynx is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on June 19, 2018. But, the game has already been around for quite a while! In fact, it was a part of the PlayStation Mobile library, when it was a thing, and its Android and iOS versions are regularly updated. It may make you wonder why you may want to pick up the game. Well, I have been playing the Switch version and have some answers!


The initial opt-in price for Musynx game is going to be more expensive on consoles than it is on a mobile device. The Switch price is set at $29.99. You can grab it for free on Google Play, and the opt-in price on iTunes is $0.99.

However, there is an important thing to note about the mobile adaptation’s DLC! Each one has an optional Forever Friends add-on. (This is $27.99 on iTunes.) This unlocks all content for the game, including future songs, which puts the pricing more in-line with the Switch version.

Also, for people who like physical copies of games, you can get a tangible copy of the Switch version in stores. (The PS4 and Vita versions are largely digital-only, but Limited Run Games will be releasing some physical editions for those platforms in the future.)

Song Library:

The Switch version of Musynx has some catching up to do! The mobile adaptations’ libraries have hit 130 songs. While acttil’s initial information has been saying over 50 songs are present in the Switch version, I counted 92 songs in its library. This means, at launch, the track listings will not be identical, but it is still rather close.

There is a “Shop” button already present on the Switch version’s main menu. If you pop in, it says, “There are no available goods right now. Please wait for future updates.” So presumably, things will be brought up to par via song packs. On iTunes, these range in price from $0.99 (奇怪的试题集) to $2.99 (Music Collections 03 and 04).

Control Scheme:

The Switch version of Musynx uses buttons! This is a good thing! The PlayStation Mobile version offered that option, back when it was available on the PlayStation Vita, but the Android and iOS adaptations rely on a touch interface.

On the Switch, you can choose between 4-button and 6-button control schemes. Most importantly, it is possible to customize the inputs for each mode. If you head into the options menu, you can change each button to whichever other input you would like.

You can still use screen controls on the Switch. You must be in Handheld mode to do so, and then tap on the bottom of the screen below the four or six inputs to play.

Musynx will come to the Switch, PlayStation 4 and Vita on June 19, 2018.

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