Preview: Amnesia: Memories’ Toma is a good guy… right?

My Amnesia: Memories saga continues. In case you missed the last one, my “name” is Michibiku and, honestly, that’s all I remember. I already met this guy named Kent. He’s cool and all. I feel pretty positive about the relationship that started with him. But variety is the spice of life! Why stay with one man when you have four immediately available?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which is why I decided to go ahead and meet Toma in Amnesia: Memories. Diamonds are shiny, sparkly and valuable, so going with this dude is smart, right?

amnesia toma 2
I mean, look how concerned Toma is when he meets me in Amnesia: Memories! That has got to be a positive sign, right? Someone that concerned has to be a good person.

amnesia toma 3
Toma was so concerned, he even forced me to go to a hospital. That’s what’s best for people who suddenly have amnesia. Granted, he doesn’t know I’ve lost my memories, but still. It’s considerate.

amnesia toma 4
Okay. The guy I don’t know is taking my house key. This is… probably okay?

amnesia toma 5
When I was in the hospital, Toma gave me his phone number and said to call if I needed anything. Which is odd. Shouldn’t I have his number? Wait. I don’t have my cell phone. How did he know I didn’t have my phone? Maybe he’s really intuitive or something…

amnesia toma 6
Huh. Toma lied and said we were related so he could find out about my test results at the hospital. He sure seems comfortable lying to people about things.

amnesia toma 7
Yes, Orion. That is odd. Why won’t Toma let me get my own mail?

amnesia toma 8
This is normal. Amnesia: Memories has presented Toma as an absolutely ordinary, totally chivalrous, not at all concerning individual. My telling him I remember nothing was the best decision I have ever made in any video game.

amnesia toma 9
Go ahead and isolate me from my friends, Toma! You know what’s best! My fate is in your completely capable hands!

amnesia toma 10
I feel so safe with Toma in Amnesia: Memories right now. And you can feel just as cozy! The otome game is coming to the Vita and PC, as well as Android and iOS devices. The Idea Factory International store has $39.99 and $54.98 game and merchandise bundles to go along with the title!

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