Preview: Amnesia: Memories’ Ikki deserves all of our fangirling

Look! Do you see who that is? It’s Amnesia: Memories‘ Ikki! The Ikki! I can’t believe we’ve gotten the chance to see him today. We are so lucky.


Wait. Ugh. Who is that girl he’s with. Does she look familiar? Isn’t she… Michibiku? She’s part of the fan club, right? She should know the rules.

Yes, people can date Ikki, but only for one month. That’s it. Because Ikki belongs to everyone who plays Amnesia: Memories, not this moment’s latest fad.

But this… Michibiku… it’s like she doesn’t know the rules. Or maybe she doesn’t forgot them once she got him? Either way, it’s not fair. She shouldn’t be monopolizing him. Ikki belongs to everyone.

ikki amnesia memories 5
Why? Well, Ikki is super charismatic. When you’re with him, he makes you feel like the most important girl in the world. Even if the other Amnesia: Memories members of the Ikki fanclub around around, he has a way of singling everyone out so they feel special. He talks to each girl like she matters, finds something nice to say about them, and always seems to make time for us.

Also, he’s a flirt. You can’t discount the importance of an amorous attitude. The way he teases and plays with us, staring with those eyes of his. They’re his best feature. It’s what makes him so recognizable. I mean, maybe we’re easily distracted or something, but it’s like he’s invisible the second he does something like put on a pair of sunglasses.
ikki amnesia memories 2

As much as I don’t like other women dating our Ikki, it must be said that he’s a great boyfriend. He really goes out of his way to make that Michibiku feel special. I hear he sees her every day, carries her things, walks her home, and is really considerate of her feelings. If she seems even the slightest bit off, he notices and goes out of his way to help her out.

I mean, even if someone had multiple boyfriends to choose from, Ikki would probably be the kindest and most attentive of them all. Certainly, he’s the most handsome. I mean, it’s no wonder he has so many women under his spell.

ikki amnesia memories 7

Amnesia: Memories will be on the PlayStation Store for Vita owners and Steam for PC people on August 25, 2015. The Android and iOS port will be released in August as well. If you really love otome games, the Iffy Online Store will have two special editions available that include items like a soundtrack and pillowcase for $39.99 and $54.98.

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