Picross S3’s Color Picross makes it easier to see pictures take shape

We are big fans of nonograms here at Michibiku, both ones created by Jupiter and those from other studios. We take their history very seriously. So, when Picross S3 became the first Jupiter installment to include color, we took notice. While this publisher is always known for some of the highest quality puzzles, Color Picross takes things to a whole new level. Thanks to its unique mechanics, it pushes people to think harder, gives them a better sense of progress and might even offer a greater reward.

Color Picross is a slightly different beast than normal Picross. You have a grid, as usual. To the left of and above it are colors with numbers inside, showing how many colors from that line are present in that row. Two colors that are the same color in a row will have an empty space between them, but all bets are off if, say, the numbers for a row show red, yellow, light blue, yellow, dark blue and finally red. These could be directly next to one another or a space could separate them. You fill in the spaces until there are no empty ones left.

With normal Picross S3 puzzles, we watch as black blocks fill out a shame or create outlines. Even as someone nears the end, an image might remain abstract until the final moments. Once color is applied, there is this great reveal. Surprise! You did it. Your reward is getting to know exactly what it is. With Color Picross, the delight grows. Those two spheres? They were ears. That yellow glob? It’s a beak. Hey, is that a robot’s head? It might help you figure out where the next colors should go, while also giving you a chance to see everything come together in the most vivid fashion.

Since we are seeing the feature taking shape throughout Color Picross, it is no secret what sorts of characters we are creating. It isn’t like the normal Picross nonograms, where we see a black shape coming forth and may not work out the greater details revealing exactly what we are carving out. We know what is coming. The reward is seeing how this simple pixel art comes to actual life. After each one is completed, there is a brief animation. My favorite involves a goldfish swimming around peacefully in a bowl, until a twist reveals something else about this pet’s living space. But really, each one of these clips is a delight and makes you look forward to seeing what the creation you uncovered will do.

It is just a shame there are so few Color Picross puzzles in Picross S3. Only 30 are available. But, the ones that we do have are a promise. They are a sign of things to come. Jupiter is a developer that is constantly building, and including this new feature here means we will see more and greater things in the years to come.

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