Picross haiku are the best way to celebrate this April Fools’ Day

All the numbered blocks
methodically filled in;
Picross is the best.

Fun for every age,
both relaxing and thrilling,
I can’t stop playing.

The numbers haunt me.
The answer is before me.
Yet it’s elusive.

Whoops! A mistake’s made.
Accidental destruction.
I restart the game.

A sign of weakness,
a clear badge of dishonor,

I must do better.
Every puzzle must be solved
and also savored.

picross 3d 2 frog

It’s worth each minute.
Every hour is well spent,
chipping at secrets.

We all know the truth,
those that play the Picross games,
we see what’s within.

There’s a hidden soul
inside every single grid.
Magic of Picross.

Picross 3D 2
also Pokémon Picross
are two you should play.

Don’t discriminate,
All DS and 3DS
Picross games will do.

Try out many games.
Keep an open mind, you’ll find
a Picross for you.

And now I leave you
with sincere apologies
for all these haiku.

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