Picross and GaoGaiGar join forces in this DS import!

Michibiku is and always shall be your Picross headquarters, and part of that means exploring the outer reaches of nonogram gameplay. Today we check out Oekaki Puzzle Battle: Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar, a super-robot-themed take on the formula.

GaoGaiGar was long mired in intellectual property issues, but was eventually released in a partially-dubbed, partially-subbed form in the West in the mid-2000s. As a result, there’s not much affinity for the series elsewhere. But hey, these robot sprites look pretty cool! And that’s about as far as this game takes the license, anyway.

Ultimately, it’s a robust take on the picture puzzle formula, with larger puzzles and an easy enough interface once you get used to it. If you’ve burned your way through all the latest Picross releases from Jupiter, this is certainly a competent stand-in.

Topics include: Remembering to save your work, what GaoGaiGar GaoGai-are, hot tips, the best nonogram games, ASMR auditions.

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