Part Time UFO: the portrait of a hero

Part Time UFO
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HAL Laboratory is a master of creating these pure and innocent characters. From Kirby to Qbby, these are industrious, minimalistic treasures that want to make the world a better place. UFO, from Part Time UFO, is just one of many following that same, time honored tradition.

But who is UFO? Why are they here? Their origins are rather humble. While visiting Earth, UFO came upon a farmer in a pickle. His pickup had hit a bump, which knocked all of his packages onto the road. An elderly man, he was in no position to recover everything. But UFO was.

Fortunately, like the UFO catchers found in Japanese arcades, UFO is equipped with a rather rudimentary, two-taloned claw. They leapt into action and speedily refilled the bed of the truck with all of the important packages and produce. Why, I don’t think they even bruised a single orange! The farmer was elated and did the first thing that came to mind; he paid UFO for their hard work. Surprised at the way the human world worked and inspired by the opportunities, they found their mission.

UFO threw themselves into life on Earth. They found themselves an apartment. It was something small, but suitable, in the city. It had the things you would expect to use to learn about our culture, like books, a radio and a TV. But most importantly, it had a catalog of part-time jobs. UFO threw themselves at every possible opportunity, as a means of using their skills to benefit the world and contribute to society.

And what amazing contributions they made. Things started out small. They assisted with a circus performance by aiding a performer by placing animals in proper positions. They helped out with yearbook photos at local schools, making sure members of clubs and sports teams looked their best when commemorated for the ages. They served up tasty foods by preparing plates for guests. Why, they even protected national treasures by making sure museum displays were reassembled after accidents.

All of this was building to something. Consider it training, if you will. Some of the greatest heroes are the ones who break from their routines to complete extraordinary tasks. Though they were a stranger from another world, they selflessly and willingly stepped up and became our planet’s greatest protector. All of the skills they acquired throughout their rudimentary tasks proved to be exactly what was needed to save us all from destruction.

But, what is next for UFO? After all of their hard work, it feels like they deserve a break. Fortunately for both us and them, HAL Laboratory left plenty of hints that suggest UFO may get another outing. Even if it will mean more part time jobs for them, I suspect it will result in full time fun for us.

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