Which Ozmafia bachelor (or bachelorette) should you romance first?

Ozmafia is a massive game. There are 10 possible routes you can explore. Some of them even have multiple endings that lead to different pairings. Really, it’s huge. Naturally, given the way the narrative works, some storylines are going to be more important than others. Every character can be pretty cool, but you’ll learn more about Fuka and her world by pursuing certain people first and putting others off until later.

To help you find your way through, I’ve put together an array of Ozmafia advice. Now, this isn’t my saying there is a “right” way to play. Rather, it’s a sampling of suggestions, should you be wondering who to go for first… or second, or even third!

ozmafia oz family

Start with the Oz Family.

The game is called Ozmafia for a reason. After all, Fuka is taken under the Oz Famiglia’s wings. It’s a good idea to explore at least one of these routes the first time you play. You’ll learn more about the lion, scarecrow and tinman, discover a bit more about Fuka’s identity and build a strong foundation for future playthroughs.

I started with Axel, the tinman, but Caramia and Kyrie are also suitable suitors.

ozmafia soh

Throw Fuka to the wolves.

The Wolf Gang isn’t one of Ozmafia’s official mob families, but the characters tied to this route are critical to Fuka’s story. By going after either Caesar or Soh, you’ll learn so much about her and why this amnesiac is running around town, looking for love.

I prefer Caesar, because it’s nice to find out why he’s so dead-set on keeping Fuka all to himself. Soh’s route is equally enlightening, even if it isn’t always what you’d expect from an otome game.

ozmafia scarlet

Why can’t we be friends?

After all the drama with one of the Oz or Wolf Gang storylines, it might be a good idea to go with a more chill route. Fortunately, Ozmafia has two of them. One is Pashet’s storyline, where Fuka makes an awesome female friend, while the other is Scarlet’s, where Fuka finds herself torn between the people of Oz and the Grimms.

Both of these stories are about building bonds with people that might not necessarily be romantic. Though, if you prefer, you can always look at them that way.

ozmafia robin hood

Explore tragic tales.

There are two character routes in Ozmafia that are unavoidably sad, even if you do end up having some happy moments and endings. The two men surrounded by drama are Robin Hood and Hamelin. Both are stories best enjoyed after you’re firmly established within Ozmafia’s world, because each one gets into events that happened before Fuka appeared.

Of the two, you may want to start with Robin Hood. This is because he’s such an important background character in other routes. Hamelin is equally important, for other reasons, but given his nature it might be best to see things from his side after getting with Robin.

ozmafia manboy

Let’s go Wilde.

The final Ozmafia route gives Fuka a harem. She begins associating with all the members of the Oscar Wilde Salon, a place only consenting adults are allowed to visit. Going down this route pairs her up with Dorian Gray, Alfani, and Manboy for the rest of her days. It’s not a bad story, but I felt it didn’t mesh as well with Fuka’s established personality and the rest of Ozmafia’s storylines. Think of it as the most out-of-character experience of the 10 routes; pursue this path when you’re feeling a little silly.

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