Nuzlocke Legacy: A Pokémon White 2 adventure

Join us for a world-spanning adventure in Pokémon White 2 with a series of new friends and ever-increasing rules! New episodes every Friday.

Nuzlocke Legacy initial rules

1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead and must be released. If no usable Pokémon remain in the party, the run ends.
2. Only the first wild (catchable) Pokémon encountered in each area may be caught. In case of a tie, the player may choose but must do so at the start of the encounter.
3. Battle style “Set” must be used.
4. Healing items may not be purchased.
5. All Pokémon must be nicknamed.

An additional rule is added each episode! See individual episode descriptions for more details.

Guests will appear on one episode only, adding a rule of their own choosing or creation to the run at the conclusion of that episode. Once the Pokémon League is reached, guests may return freely and no new rules will be added.

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