Michibiku Let’s Play: Inazuma Eleven 3!

It’s Michibiku’s first Let’s Play, and we’ve picked a great game that never released in America (but is in English anyway): Inazuma Eleven 3! Check back weekly for new episodes as we guide Japan to the Football Frontier International title. (The full playlist is below.)

Why Inazuma Eleven 3?

It’s hard to play in North America. The first game was released worldwide, and the second was released in English on the region-free DS. The third game, while originally a DS game in Japan, was only released in English in PAL 3DS format.

It’s the culmination of the original formula. There are later games, but they’re in the GO series, essentially the next generation of the cast. Inazuma Eleven 3 features the classic crew, while sporting the most gameplay options and improvements of the ones that do.

We haven’t played it yet. It makes for a more fun playthrough if we don’t know what’s coming, and we happen to have missed it until now.

Michibiku’s Let’s Play rules

Stay cool. We aren’t going to yell or scream or fume… we’re here to have a good time.

Have fun. This isn’t about having the perfect run; when possible, we’ll enjoy ourselves over striving for the best performance.

Work together. We’re going to pick games that allow for a lot of collaborative decision-making and customization, and make sure that it’s not just one person hitting buttons and the other sitting back to watch.

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