How to make the most of Love Nikki

Can a mobile game about playing dress-up be complicated? Why yes, yes it can. Especially when said game requires you to craft and evolve clothing, complete challenges with varying guidelines, devote time to an in-game guild and keep up with special events within monetary and stamina limits. I’m talking about Love Nikki, of course. Fortunately, it is not difficult to excel. You just need to keep up with activities and play smart.

1. Log in and perform certain tasks every day.

Love Nikki is a game that rewards consistency. Visiting every day is wise. There is a monthly log-in calendar that gives people gold, diamonds, stamina, Star Coins and pieces of clothing. There are often events that give people a full outfit for logging in for specific days. You can collect certain amounts of stamina for logging in on weekdays between specific periods of time. The Mystery House, which lets you exchange diamonds or gold for random pieces of clothing, gives people one free Pavilion of Fantasy try every 24-hours, two free Pavilion of Mystery tries every 24-hours, one free Porch of Misty try every 48-hours and one free Corridor of Clock try every 48-hours. Taking two minutes to check in each day benefits you.

Should someone be okay with spending 10-15 minutes on Love Nikki per day, their possible reward opportunities increase. Heading to the Stylist Arena and taking on five challenges earns you gold and Star Coins you can put toward exclusive clothing recipes. Competing in the Competition, when a new one is available, gives everyone who submitted an outfit gold, diamonds and Crystal Roses that can be put toward Crystal Garden clothing items. Participating in Association Commissions give you money and items to create even more exclusive outfits. Plus, there are daily Quests that give you gold, diamonds, stamina and Star Coins for various small objectives like completing a certain number of stages with a certain score five or ten times. Popping in every day puts you in a better position.

2. Join an Association.

There are guilds in Love Nikki, though here they are called Associations. You can apply to join a group. Doing so and keeping active is quite beneficial. You can complete Commission stages five times each day. This gives you special hairclips, necklaces and earrings that can be used to craft parts of the Fairy Tale Cutie, Dream Dress, Pure Lotus, Ink Tale, Rules of Love and Sweatshirt Girl outfits. It also gives another form of currency that can be spent in an Association Store on dyes, fabrics, pieces of clothing and parts of the Sapphires the Phantom Thief set.

Plus, there are occasionally Association-related events. For example, a recent Server Association Commission Event tasked members of these groups to take part in commission stages 777,777 times for a Peach Melody outfit. You can’t profit if you do not participate!

3. Set a Momo’s Guide outfit.

Crafting is a critical part of Love Nikki. Certain stages require specific pieces of clothing. These can require you to buy or earn parts, maybe even dye them. The Momo’s Guide feature makes it possible to set a target outfit. Or, if you even prefer it, a few parts from an outfit. It organizes items by things earned from Princess stages, ones found as drops in Maiden stages, clothing that might need to also be crafted, things you would need to buy and the various dyes and fabrics to prepare everything. Tap an item in the list, and you are taken to the proper stage or store. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to have this checklist and use it properly.

4. Repeat Princess stages.

There are two difficulty levels in Love Nikki. Maiden is immediately available, with each stage having two possible items as a drop reward (one for any successful score and one for S-rank) and a small amount of experience and gold for completing it. After beating chapter three of the campaign, you will unlock the Princess difficulty. These tend to only have one item as a reward, albeit something rare that can be used for crafting or evolving, and provide more experience and gold. The only downside is, you can not get advice from Momo as to which pieces of clothing would help you win this match, but you can choose to quickly bring up the last outfit you wore in this stage on the Maiden difficulty and win using that. You are also limited to three tries on each Princess stage per day.

This means it behooves you to play through Princess stages whenever you can. The rewards are far better. Since there are only ten chapters in the game right now, it likely will not take too long to finish campaign clashes. Repeat these challenges, perhaps with new outfits, to keep building up your coffers and wardrobes.

5. Visit the Workshop often.

There are multiple ways to get new clothing in Love Nikki, and it is easy to get distracted and forget about some of the various means. You can pay for them with gold, diamonds and Crystal Roses. You can earn them by completing stages. Then, there is the Workshop. This gives you four ways to get such things via Customizing, Design Crafting, Evolving, and Decomposing.

Customizing has you collecting dyes and fabrics from the Stylist Arena or Association stores and using them on existing clothes to make new variations. Design Craft means collecting recipes and clothing parts to make new clothes. Evolution means collecting multiple copies of the same item to evolve it into a better version. Decompose has you trash doubles of clothing you do not need extras of in exchange for fabric, cash, parts to be turned in to reconstruct new clothing and loot boxes that can contain more pieces of clothing or helpful items. There is a lot to do; never forget to visit the Workshop at least once a week.

6. Wait before spending money.

This is a rule that applies to multiple forms of currency. You do not want to spend in-game gold, diamonds or real money too frequently, each for their own reasons. Being frugal is the smartest thing in Love Nikki.

As you go through chapters, you will find some require specific outfits be created before you can advance through the story. All of these will have some crafting ingredients that will cost in-game money. So you will want to save that gold for the multiple pieces of clothing you need to make a specific part of an outfit.

Diamonds are another currency you should save for a similar reason. Love Nikki often has time-limited events where you can obtain special outfits only available for four to seven days. You will get a set number of chances to earn the items needed to acquire these outfit items each day, but it is never enough to collect a complete set. To do that, you need to spend diamonds on additional challenges.

When it comes to real cash, waiting is wise there too. Promotions often come up that give you clothing, diamonds, dyes, Mystery Room tickets, Star Coins and other bonuses for your money. If you do not wait, then you are kicking in cash for only diamonds. You do not want to do that.

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