Let’s poke at a virtual boyfriend in Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?-

There are a lot of weird otome games for smartphones. It’s crazy. There are apps like Gorilla Boyfriend and Burn Your Fat For Me!! For Girls. Most surprising is a whole line of games that involve sleeping alongside a virtual guy. Naturally, we’re going to investigate with further with one of these apps, called Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?-.

Since there’s no way I’m actually giving Koyonplete money for Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?-, we’re going to “play” with Hayato, voiced by Tsukue Mizuki. (He’s free.) Different types of touches and movements result in different reactions, so we’ll experiment together and see how things go.

That was weird, huh? All of his proclamations in the game do have subtitles. They aren’t appearing properly in the recording, despite multiple attempts, but rest assured you will understand what your sleepy fake boyfriend will have to say.

Don’t count on Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?- being an isolated fad. When a phenomenon inspires an anime series, you know it’s gotten serious. (See: Makura no Danshi.)

It suppose something like this is really more about hearing someone with a soothing voice say sweet things to you, if that makes sense. As someone who had a crush on Mass Effect‘s Garrus because Brandon Keener has a great voice, I totally get that. But don’t count on any more “Pillow Boys” coverage here.

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