Let’s PlayPlay: PurePure 2, Volume 1

Welcome to Let’s PlayPlay! After Volume 0, we’re ready to jump into the first true installment of the Japan-only counterpart to PlayStation Underground’s PS2 series. This disc goes in-depth with Shinji Mikami, offers some demos of Japan-only games and gives us some quality time with our buddy Klonoa.

PlayPlay, also known as PurePure or プレプレ, was a subscription service for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 that sent quarterly demo discs in the mail full of demos, trailers and commercials. Included on this disc are demos of Endonesia, Zone of the Enders, Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Densha de Go!, Zeonic Front, Sky Gunner, Mad Maestro and Extermination. Also: features on Resident Evil and some choice video files!

There’s not a lot of information out there about these discs, so we’d love to make this a regular feature! Spread the word if you’d like to see us do more of these.

Topics include: casuals, going on walks, total lack of skill, going by way of densha, slow realizations, double the Gekibo, farms, horses, whatever Genshi no Kotoba is.

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