Let’s PlayPlay: PurePure 1, Volume 11 (April 1998)

Let’s take a trip back in time! Twenty years back, to be exact. In this edition of Let’s PlayPlay, we look at the April 1998 edition of Sony’s Japanese PurePure demo disc series, showcasing some choice PS1 titles.

This month’s content includes demos of Bomberman Wars, G-Darius, Tail Concerto, The Neverhood, horse racing, some obscure Japan-exclusive releases and more. Did we mention Japanese trailers? Those are always fun. And what the heck is Game Kids 2999?

Topics include: Whimsy and character, limited kanji knowledge, minigames!, being definitely good at shooting, Octodad arms, Japanese game shows, whatever MobiusLink 3D is, letting ’em know the secrets, the record of fake, which is baby?

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