It feels like Corrin/Kaze is canon in Fire Emblem Fates

I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Fates and something rather interesting struck me. It seems as though Intelligent Systems may have a particular pairing in mind when it comes to characters. I’m talking about Corrin and Kaze. It seems as though the female version of the avatar is destined for Kaze.

Story-wise, it seems like the perfect match. He’s the only ninja who joins Corrin’s team no matter who she supports. It shows a sense of devotion that might go beyond a general loyalty. Perhaps there’s something more there? Especially since, later in the story, Kaze goes above and beyond to come to the avatar’s aid.

It isn’t the only element that shows a deeper connection between these two characters. The opportunity to recruit Kaze’s daughter, Midoriko, doesn’t happen immediately after he marries a character. Certain conditions have to be met. Passing chapter 15, the segment during which Kaze and Corrin share an important moment, is one of the requirements. The other requires the two to have a bond that’s A-rank or higher. Hmm… if Corrin is a woman and marries Kaze, that would happen naturally.

There’s one other thing that makes me think some people at Intelligent Systems wanted Corrin and Kaze to be an official couple. Take a look at the character portraits for Kanna, the avatar’s child, and Midoriko, Kaze’s daughter.
fire emblem fates kanna midoriko
There’s quite a resemblance between them. The two characters share the same wide eyes and a similar nose. Personality-wise, they’re each rather expressive. They’re also two of the most cheerful characters and most likely to behave in a childish manner. It’s difficult to tell in these particular portraits, but they’re about the same height in-game.

I may be reading too much into this, but I can’t help but wonder if Corrin and Kaze were really “meant” to be. A Fire Emblem Fates manga has been announced. Maybe, if it ends up having a female lead, we’ll see if the princess and the ninja are Intelligent Systems’ OTP.

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