How to get married with the Tamagotchi On app

The Tamagotchi On line of devices have a rather unique feature for people who want to interact with other original characters, but don’t have people around them also playing or an interest in purchasing multiple devices. These latest devices include Bluetooth technology, which lets you connect to an Android and iOS app. That means getting to go online to connect to others’ games to possibly meet a mate. This also means different sorts of genetics are available, including from the more recent Fantasy, Sanrio and Sweets models’ characters that aren’t available worldwide. But, it might also mean trying to jump over some hurdles when attempting to find a Tamagotchi to marry.

Here’s how it works. Once your Tamagotchi On character is in the adult phase of their life, you can start proposing to other Tamagotchi you see in the official app. The adult phase is their fourth one and, in case you’re having trouble checking, it’s the only time when you’ll be able to start equipping accessories. You make sure Bluetooth is on on your device, you select the Connection icon on your Tamagotchi On, choose App, choose Visit and say yes. In the app, you say you want to bring the Tamagotchi over and tap a button prompt to start the process. Once everything is ready, you’ll see your character on the Park main street with all of the other characters.

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Proposing works in two ways. You can walk up to a Tamagotchi on the road and propose to them to see if you might be able to marry with them and create an egg with their genes. You can also take part in a Tama Party, which randomly selects a number of Tamagotchi and gives you the ability to accept or reject possible candidates. (The current special Tamagotchi NPC will always be present on the street and at a Tama Party.)

Now, it might be tempting to go with a Tama Party, since you might have a greater chance of getting an accepted proposal and heading to a wedding. But, with Tamagotchi On, it’s wiser to try and marry someone off of the street. This is because some people use the MyMeets computer app to create custom partners for a Tamagotchi to marry, so they can possibly pass along specific genes. However, this is also against Bandai Namco policy. You can tell if someone has done this by looking at their characters’ family tree to see if past characters in the family line have obvious glitches, like no eyes. If you have a corrupted ancestor, it can mess up your saved data or cause you to be banned from the official Tamagotchi On app. It is best to only try and marry characters whose family trees have been investigated.

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Once you have looked into a Tamagotchi’s background, there are a few things that happen before a successful marriage. First, you have to propose. (If you propose to a set of twins, you can choose which twin you are attempting to court.) Then, you have to wait and see if the proposal is accepted. If the other character says no, then you either have to look around for another candidate or attempt to ask again. Asking again isn’t as simple as tapping the Tamagotchi and hitting the propose button again. It will disappear after an unsuccessful proposal. Instead, what you want to do is head to the Arcade. Enter it. Don’t actually play the catching game, though. Instead, go back to the Park screen. When you do, see if the character you wanted to marry before is still there. If you select that character, the propose button will be back and you could attempt to propose a second time.

From there, you can just enjoy and see how characters change from generation to generation. Going into the app looking for a mate with 100% full happiness will increase the chance of twins, and keeping a character’s happiness up as they age can be good for possibly passing down genes from the parent you acquired in the app. For example, my second generation character wasn’t at full happiness when she became an adult, which meant she only inherited her mother’s smile and dress. However, her son was at full happiness throughout his life and ended up inheriting his father’s ears, hair and eyes. Just make sure you research your family trees, take time to search the street for cool traits and take time to really determine which genetics you might want to carry on!

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