How to get into Switch otome games

Nintendo Switch otome games are making their mark on the system, with new games and ports of older ones all finding a new home. There’s a lot to peruse, and not all of it is good. Some games are definitely better than others, and you want to jump in with a title that will provide an enjoyable and optimal experience. No sense being alienated from the outset!

Fortunately, Michibiku’s resident otome expert is here to help!

nightshade switch otome game

I want a traditional Switch otome visual novel that is easy to play.

You should try Nightshade! The reason being, it is very easy to get locked into a route here and not find yourself forever alone. The lead heroine is something of a blank slate, so you can focus on the stories with the different bachelors. It also has great art and isn’t terribly long. You could easily get through one storyline in an afternoon.

code realize switch otome game

I want an otome visual novel that goes a step further.

You could consider Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~. Like Nightshade, it is a traditional game. It’s a little more difficult to get locked into certain routes, especially since there’s an initial common route. Each character has bad, normal and true endings. Also, you have a heroine with a very defined personality, which can help with its depth, and localized fandiscs that provide epilogues and additional adventures.

rune factory 4 switch otome game

I want an otome game where the romance is a part of the story, but not the whole focus.

Rune Factory 4 Special is a game you should investigate, as it might be exactly what you need. This is a Story of Seasons spin-off where you spend equal time farming, fighting in dungeons and socializing with townsfolk. Getting to know people helps a lot, in terms of different allies for exploration, but it isn’t all about falling in love. The Nintendo Switch port is especially great, since it has a Newlywed portion after you get married and additional stories.

fire emblem three houses switch otome game

I want a game where otome elements are there if I want, but aren’t the main focus.

It is time for you to head to school with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There is a romantic element to the game, since you can pair characters up with the Support system to see conversations between them and get different battle buffs. It is all optional, though. Not to mention you’ll have to wait until the second half of the game for things to really get romantic for your avatar. Still, those magical moments are there!

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