Here are some photos of these KanColle Nendoroids I bought

I… spend too much money. You can go ahead and append whatever assertion you’d like to the end of that sentence. I’d recommend “on games,” but “on toys/plushies/books” are also apt. But, if there’s one thing I’m really a sucker for, it’s Kantai Collection Nendoroids.

It’s ironic, because I’ve never played the KanColle game. Certainly, I’ll remedy that in a few months, since KanColle Kai is coming to the Vita on August 27, 2015, but I can’t use a love of the source material as justification for all of these chibified ship girls situated on my shelves.

Unless, I go ahead and post pictures of all of these figures I’ve bought here! That works, right? Doing this post makes it okay that, at Anime Central 2015, I made sure I was in line before the vendor hall opened so I could get that Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class KanColle Nendoroid, right?

Her hat lights up too, which is great. Though, after an incident with some corroded batteries in a Wii remote, I’m gun-shy when it comes to popping them into her.

I didn’t get the Battleship Re-Class KanColle Nendoroid at ACEN 2015, though not for lack of trying. I… well… she was pre-ordered months before.

This is already starting to look bad, but it isn’t my fault. It’s my family’s. They’re enablers. My first KanColle Nendoroid was Shimakaze, and I received her as a gift. Not because I asked for her or anything, but because the relatives in question knew I liked video games, Japan and Japanese video games. They knew buying me an actual game might not go too well. (See: I… spend too much money on games.) So, they went with a toy they knew I definitely didn’t have instead.

Which naturally meant, months later, I had to get Amatsukaze to join her. They’re family!

The same thing happened with Akagi and Kaga. The former was a gift, so I had to get the latter to match. You can’t separate sisters!

kancolle nendoroid akagi kaga

Fortunately, I haven’t had such inclinations with Kongo, another KanColle Nendoroid I received as a gift. Maybe it’s because I’m not as fond of her as the others, due to her snooty air. (Or, it could be due to her having three of her “sisters” turned into figures. Ouch.)

The situation could be much worse. Good Smile Company has 17 KanColle Nendoroids lined up, not including the Nendoroid Petit line. My “fleet” is half that size. Still, it’s a slippery slope, and I advise exercising extreme caution before getting caught up in this collection.

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