Giga Wrecker shows the enduring nature of humanity

What place does humanity have in a post-apocalyptic world? In Giga Wrecker, thousands of robots known as Ajeet have taken over the planet. Most humans are eliminated, enslaved or forced to resort to desperate means as they fight back. The ones we see are our heroine, Reika, who become a cyborg when near death, the mad scientist Koutaro Kouzuki, who made her what she now is, and Amane, a girl that threatens her before being abducted. Yet, even though situations are so bleak, humanity’s best (and worst) traits shine through.

Determination is one quality we continually see in Giga Wrecker. Human characters, like Koutaro, possess it. Even though humans are outnumbered, this genius refuses to give up. Even if it means doing something unconscionable, like experimenting on a teenager, he will do it. Reika is determined, even though she is no longer entirely human. She wants to save Amane, the girl she met, and make good use of her new skills to fight the Ajeet. Even the Ajeet Astras in charge are determined to keep moving forward to bolster their ranks and increase their hold on Earth.

Intelligence and resourcefulness are also on full display. Everyone here is striving to do their best. Reika frequently solves puzzles as she goes through Ajeet strongholds. We constantly see her make the most of her powers and what is available in the world around her. Koutaro manages to save Reika’s life and make her a living weapon with nanomachines. Considering the state of the world, it is amazing he was able to do what he could with what he had. Even the Astra display these traits. The Ajeet have only been on Earth for a few years after all, yet they have completely taken over and built up these massive installations.

Coming back to Reika, she shows off two other prized qualities humanity possesses. For one, she is compassionate. As she goes on her journey, she is not just attempting to save the world in general. She is going after Amane, the girl she met briefly when Giga Wrecker began. The fact that Amane held a gun up and threatened her is a moot point. Reika is still going to rescue her.

This speaks to Reika’s courage. The young woman is facing overwhelming odds. There is no fleet of female cyborgs; Koutaro only sent her out to face the Ajeet. She is outnumbered. The Astra bosses she faces are incredibly intimidating, as each possesses incredible powers. None of this stops her. Even as she delves deeper into these alien and hostile environments, Reika keeps going. Even when she is face-to-face with an Astra that wants to stop her for good, Reika persists.

But not all of the human qualities maintained in Giga Wrecker are positive ones. As you go through the game and encounter the Astra bosses, you may come across some of the more negative emotions that drive humanity. These robotic bosses display these tendencies. There is a selfish desire to fulfill their goals, never considering the people who are paying the price. They are devious and willing to mask themselves, showing their true colors when Reika draws near. They also have a talent for eradication, something we see in reality as humanity drives species to extinction either purposely or unintentionally.

Likewise, Koutaro is hardly a stunning example of humanity. He does not save Reika out of kindness. He primarily does so because she is there. He needs a test subject; she fills the criteria. Basically, he preys on someone who is weak and can not say no. Is it for the greater good? Yes. But it is also quite selfish and inconsiderate.

Most importantly, there is hope. After all is said and done in Giga Wrecker, we are left feeling as though there is a chance for both growth and peace. Even though the situation with the Ajeet was so dire, the influence of Reika was unbelievably effective. Her efforts end the game on a positive note. We see the remaining humans have a shot at surviving in a world where there isn’t a daily fight to survive. Perhaps it is the greatest example of and testament to humanity’s survival instincts in Giga Wrecker. Of all the traits we see in the game, this may be the best.

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