Explaining each of Kirby Star Allies’ Stone Copy Ability statues

There is a tradition in Kirby video games, regarding the Stone Copy Ability. In many games, transforming does not just turn Kirby into a rock with eyes. He will turn into an actual statue! Some of these are designed to be goofy fun, but every once in a while there will be a statue referencing something or someone really cool! Kirby Star Allies is no exception. The demo has been released in Europe, and thanks to it we can see some of the forms rock Kirby can assume!

Stone Kirby

Rock on, Kirby! Before Stone Kirby could turn into statues, this was the Copy Ability’s default look.

Kirby Block

One of the standard Kirby blocks is the star inside of a square. It has been present as a possible statue for years and returns here.

Super Mario-style Brick

Kirby Super Star Ultra introduced the Super Mario-style brick statue. It is a brick! Just like the ones in Super Mario Bros.!

Victorious Kirby

This is a reference to a statue that has been part of the Stone Kirby line for years. There is usually one where Kirby has his hand raised in the air in a victory pose, much like he does when he gets a star wand. Kirby Star Allies continues that tradition!

Friend Circle

One of the more common Stone Kirby statues in Kirby Star Allies is the Friend Circle. This is one of the hallmark abilities in this game where Kirby and his four friends turn into a spinning wheel that mows down anything in its path.

Robobot Armor

In Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby had a mech suit he could wear to get through levels. While we can not return to that suit here, Kirby can turn into a statue that resembles the empty armor.

Dedede’s Drum Dash

There is often a King Dedede statue among Kirby’s possible options, and Kirby Star Allies is no exception. In this entry, we see a Dedede’s Drum Dash variation! King Dedede is on a drum, holding his tambourine!

Muscle Man

Since Kirby Super Star, there has been an option for the Stone Copy Ability statue to spawn a muscular man in a bodybuilding pose. This time, he’s down on one knee with his arms in the air!


The Kirby Star Allies Qbby statue is interesting! Here’s why: it is actually a reference to both BoxBoy and a Japanese landmark. We see Qbby sitting on the edge of a castle with some sort of mountain in the background. That mountain? It is Mount Fuji! This exact statue actually appeared in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, minus Qbby! It is a way of honoring one of Japan’s most notable symbols and another delightful HAL Laboratory game! As for the building, its design is inspired by HAL Laboratory’s Yamanashi R&D Center.


In Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, an alien named Magolor was found on the Lor Starcutter. The statue here is representing his roll as a merchant in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, as he is posed holding some Gem Apples.

Treasure Chest

A Kirby: Squeak Squad treasure chest is among the statues you might see in the game! It looks like some sort of star with one eye is lurking inside.

Fish Sword

This is an inside joke that only people who played Kirby’s Return to Dream Land will catch. In that game, sometimes the Sword’s Ultra Sword form will be that of a giant fish. So when Stone Kirby turns into this statue, he is calling back this ultimate weapon.


Kirby: Triple Deluxe’s villain gets a statue! Except, it is Taranza times two? I suspect it is supposed to be Taranza and Dark Taranza, as both appear in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.

Gryll and Brobo

These two are real blasts from the past. Gryll is the Kirby’s Star Stacker final boss. You only faced the character if you got all Perfect Stars. Brobo is the Kirby’s Block Ball final boss. But, you only fought Brobo if you never reach the border line. Both are secret bosses, which is rather cool!

Kirby Medal

There are all sorts of Kirby medals created to commemorate games and occasions. This variation is similar to the Kirby 20th’ Anniversary seal, only without the 20th anniversary branding.

Meta Knight and Captain Vul

This is one of the rarer Kirby Star Allies statues. It is Metal Knight and Captain Vul, his second in command that tends to be on the Battleship Halberd. This is a reference to Kirby Super Star’s Revenge of Meta Knight.

Susie and Ribbon

This is another statue that combines characters from two different games. The young woman on the left is a second Kirby: Planet Robobot cameo. It is Susie! She is one of the antagonists. The character on the right is Ribbon. She is a fairy who journeys alongside Kirby in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Both characters are among the few heroines with prominent roles in the Kirby series.

HAL Laboratory logo

The HAL Laboratory logo is a dog curled up in a nest with three eggs. This tends to pop up rather often as one of the “secret” statues Stone Kirby can become. It is very uncommon, but it shows up in Kirby Star Allies! (I only saw it once during my “research.”)

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