Everyone’s getting splatted in Splatoon Rainmaker battles

It was a bloodbath. Rather, it was an inkbath. I went into the Splatoon Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode expecting the best. Instead, my earliest experiences were the worst.

Let me set the stage. After a rocky start with Ranked Battle, I’d gotten into the groove. I went from a C, the rank all Inklings are assigned when they begin, to a C-, then up to a B-. I was proud. Maybe I wasn’t the best, but I always tried to contribute! I was killer with a Slosher when overtaking Splat Zones, especially if it was the Moray Tower or Camp Triggerfish map. With Tower Control, I was always ready to hop on that platform. For one of the few times in my adult life, I knew what I was doing!

Splatoon‘s Rainmaker ruined all that. Do you know what my rank is now after the update? A C-. It’s a travesty.

Splatoon rainmaker 2
Some of it was my fault. I’m not going to be one of those people who puts it all on everyone else. I sucked at Rainmaker when I started playing Splatoon Friday night. I didn’t know the proper paths to victory. I kept dying and panicked. The only thing I did right in that first hour was equip the Famitsu Sushi Chef costume, because the headband’s Comeback and apron’s Quick Respawn meant I’d be back on the battlefield with a boost every time I died. Which was good, because I died a lot.

But, after about an hour, it stopped being my fault. I will own that drop from B- to C+. But that dive from C+ to C-? That’s because of my random Splatoon teammates. A few of them could be forgiven. There seemed to be connection issues that occasionally resulted in uneven teams. But most of the time, it was all on the other players.

splatoon rainmaker 3
There were so many senseless deaths when those silly people standing near the Rainmaker got blasted when the other team took control. If it happens once, shame on our opponent. When it happens for the fourth time in a single match, then get away from the blasted Rainmaker when you see they’re about to take it!

Also, learn your paths, people! Last night the only Rainmaker Ranked Battle maps were Camp Triggerfish and the Kelp Dome. Yes, they’re complicated. Sure, they had new obstacles that don’t normally appear in Turf Wars. The key is to pay attention. These maps aren’t new to Splatoon. We’ve been to these places before. Draw from your past experiences and use that to help you get from point A to point B.

splatoon rainmaker 4
Don’t let yourself become a meat shield either. I saw a lot of people acting as human (Inkling?) sacrifices, standing right next to the teammate holding the Rainmaker. Know what happens if you let yourself get splatted? The person you were protecting gets splatted after you. Be aware of complimentary paths. Don’t be afraid to break away from the group to move ahead to a vantage point or stay back to defend your home base. You can see where your allies are on the GamePad. Use that knowledge to your advantage to determine what role you should take.

Finally, don’t panic. It’s tempting to behave erratically, because you’re going to get splatted. You’re going to get splatted a lot. Don’t let that get you down. Rely on Super Jumps to get back into the fray and maybe consider something with the Quick Super Jump to more promptly rejoin your allies. Equip clothing that has the Quick Respawn ability for faster revivals. Consider headgear with Comeback, as it’ll briefly make you stronger after you respawn.

Play smart, people. Rainmaker may be daunting at first, so think strategically to survive!

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