Ensky’s lace bracelets are ever so intricate

Sometimes, people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Or, in rare occasions, on their actual wrists. With Ensky’s lace bracelets, it’s possible to find some of your favorite, iconic characters portrayed with delicate, silky threads. The company has released a number of fan-friendly designs, but exactly how durable and delightful are they? The good news is, very.

Today, we’re looking at two particular varieties. One is the Kirby & Sweets Kirby’s Dream Land lace bracelet, while the other is the Studio Ghibli Jiji & Lace design. However, don’t take this to mean the scope is rather limited. The company offers a wide assortment of anime and game-inspired goods. For example, the Studio Ghibli line includes My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke offerings, while it’s also possible to find Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Revolutionary Girl Utena bracelets. Current ones tend to go for about $12, but the prices of discontinued designs can skyrocket.

In terms of details, each one is rather intricate. The Jiji & Lace bracelet is a more traditional lace design. It’s color palette leans toward the pastel and is rather limited. It’s the larger of the two and is more easily mistaken for something more common and less geeky, for people that want something that’s simultaneously subtle and eye-catching. You can arrange it perfectly on your wrist so every important element is visible. It looks rather mature.

The Kirby & Sweets design, on the other hand, is a brighter and more whimsical bracelet. It has a wider array of colors available and practically screens Kirby’s Dream Land. A stuffed Kirby is surrounded by cherries, a popsicle, a cupcake and a tropical drink. The letters K, B and Y act as dividers, and a Maxim Tomato is the tie. While some of the details are lost on Kirby’s face and the cupcake’s sprinkles, that can be forgiven considering the color palette and density. There’s a lot more detail here, compared to the Jiji & Lace bracelet. However, this also means you’ll probably only see Kirby, the cupcake and popsicle at once.

Here’s the good part. While the Jiji & Lace and Kirby & Sweets lace bracelets look super delicate, they’re much stronger than you’d expect. Of course, if you take a knife or pair of scissors, they’ll break. I also noticed the Jiji & Lace one had a habit of catching on things. But, they aren’t prone to fraying with regular wear. Each thread is reinforced, so it isn’t as though there’s a single cord to be concerned about. While the knot used to tie it seems flimsy, it takes some force and bending to even get the bracelet through the clasp. This means it won’t just fall off.

The Ensky lace bracelets are easy to care for too. Cleaning is as simple as using a little dish soap, like dawn, and a glass of water. Lather the bracelet up, soak it in water and leave it on a counter to dry. Though, as long as you’re being careful, you probably won’t have to wash it that often. But, I would recommend doing so once every month or two, if you plan on wearing one on a regular basis.

Both the Kirby & Sweets and Jiji & Lace Ensky lace bracelets are adorable accessories. They pair well with most outfits and are incredibly unique pieces of jewelry. Certainly, you don’t see lace bracelets everyday. Especially ones that help you show your love for various series.

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