Earning Gurumin 3D’s best ending is quite a trial

Gurumin is coming to the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow! Are you excited? You should be. This is a charming game starring a little girl who finds a legendary drill and uses it to protect her peaceful monster friends. It’s an endearing premise, and one that’s even more charming if you manage to unlock the true ending.

Unfortunately, that isn’t quite so easy. Getting Gurumin’s standard ending is easy enough. The final boss is tough, but not terribly so. Blackbean is an optional boss Parin can find in the Oblivion Abyss. It’s a dungeon in the northern part of the map with platforms that’ll quickly fall away beneath your feet and few rewards to make the journey worthwhile.

Before you enter this area, you need the right equipment. You want a level five Helmet, as it will reduce the damage Parin takes by 75% and increase the damage she deals by 50%. This will be your primary piece of equipment when fighting Blackbean. However, you also need the Vampire Kit at level five. Bats will appear during the second phase of the fight; attacking them while wearing a maxed Vampire Kit will restore health every time you attack and increase damage dealt by 50%. Have at least two Power Oils for your drill, three Energy Tanks, three chocolates, three cookies and three shortcakes. If you want to bring a friend, like Chucky, feel free. You will need all the help you can get.


Gurumin’s Blackbean is small, and even somewhat cute, but he is an absolute beast. When Parin approaches him, you’ll be given some dialogue options. You want to fight him, even though it is the hardest battle you’ll encounter in the game. This is a three phase fight. The first part isn’t too bad. As long as you are always either attacking or dodging, you’ll be fine.

It’s Blackbean’s second and third part that will kill you. During the second phase of the fight, he will make clones of himself. To find the real Blackbean, use either Drill Tornado or Dragon Flame. You want to hit a large area and see which character takes the most damage. The real Blackbean is the least sturdiest one.

This is also when he can start using a Neo Galaxy special that can hit almost every area of the arena. That’s when the bats will appear. If you’re quick, you can attack them in succession to stay above the attack. If not, use your Vampire Kit while they’re around to keep Parin’s health up. He will also begin using beam attacks that, if you aren’t careful and at full health, can be one hit kills. He’s that kind of boss, folks.

When you beat Blackbean in Gurumin, you receive a gold medal, best ending and access to the new game plus feature. As difficult as it can be, it is absolutely worth it. Take your time, don’t be afraid to fail and you’ll show this bonus boss who’s best.

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