Dragalia Lost is good at being goofy

Dragalia Lost is a game where some people might be tempted to skip through the story. The action-RPG elements are pretty good, and it is so easy to click a button, get a summary of what happened, then move along. There is nothing wrong with that, but taking the time to actually read through what is going on can be a good thing. Why? Because Dragalia Lost is a game that has a sense of humor. There are plenty of lighthearted, funny and downright silly moments to savor. Each one can help make the game more interesting.

When the main characters in Dragalia Lost are joking around, it is easier to follow along with their stories and connect with them. Mym can seem a bit obsessive. But, once she starts going overboard for attention, it can really lighten the mood during an otherwise serious quest. Emile is a definite bad guy, but his point about dragons going out of their way to be in out of the way spaces is goofy and softens his harsher behavior. Luca can sometimes be annoying, but when he gets serious, he can use that humor to deliver some fantastic lines in-game.

The Adventurer Stories that get a little silly can make characters, even undesirable ones, seem a little easier to use. I’m going to be frank about Orion; I think he is a garbage person. In his introductory story, we learn he led two sisters on at the same time, making each feel he loved them. When he gets to your castle, he starts trying to pull the same thing on Cleo and Notte. The way they react to him, which is with immediate disdain and preparing to send him to the wolves, is fantastic. It might make it easier for some people to invest in him, if it means seeing more story segments where Orion gets his comeuppance and maybe learns to be a better person.

Silliness in Dragalia Lost Adventure Stories can also help some characters stand out. When the game launched in September 2018, it had quite a few red units that used close-range weapons like swords, katanas and daggers. This could mean someone like Karl, a red sword-wielder, could fall through the cracks. However, his Adventure Story is super goofy and makes him stand out. The justice seeker is so devoted to seeking justice, he basically ruins the day for everyone who happens to be around him. It is hilarious and helps set someone who might otherwise seem generic stand out and, again, maybe seem worth investing in along the way.

Even the dragons in Dragalia Lost can have a fantastic sense of humor. Jupiter, the lightwyrm, is a great example. This is a dragon that basically starts screwing around with your party the moment you meet him. Something you should probably be aware of, since Mym warns the group he can be a brat. Once the test against him kicks off, it is easy to see that while he is taking it seriously, he is also having fun with it. These interactions, where he leaves the player guessing which brother he will form a bond with and basically eggs on a chaotic encounter, can end up being more memorable than ones against dragons like Mercury, all because it is a more silly approach.

Basically, take the time to read through what is going on in Dragalia Lost every once in a while. This is a game with some funny things going on. Going ahead and paying attention to the characters might help you like people more and get more invested in the goofiness.

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