Disney Magical World 2 offers the best sort of fanservice

I know, I know. My pointing out Disney Magical World 2 is a fanservice extravaganza isn’t exactly news. A peek at the box makes it all rather obvious. When you pop this cartridge into your Nintendo 3DS, you’re going to be living alongside characters from Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland and other iconic Disney movies and series. But, the important thing is how this is handled. Disney Magical World 2 of course lets you explore worlds tied to certain series, as well as inhabit a hub world with daily character cameos. What really matters is the degree of control players have over how much and what sorts of fanservice they see.

Disney Magical World 2’s layout exemplifies the freedom people have when playing the game. After doing the general unlocking thing, which gives you access to the Castleton hub and Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Winnie the Pooh worlds, you can do whatever you want. While there are Stickers to collect and the game keeps track of what percentage of things you’ve accomplished, each player ultimately decides where to spend his or her time. There’s an element of control over what specific fanservice you see. You get the option of how much you do or don’t do with these characters.

The Magical Dreams are another example of the optional encounters. You have to trigger these dreams by meeting certain criteria to collect puzzle pieces for them. Only then will the Dream Book give you the chance to experience and explore them, earning Nice points, Stickers and some items in the process. They’re not for everyone; I liken them more to neon fever dreams. But for people who want that over-the-top, absurd explosion, Disney Magical World 2 has them. I mean, you have to go through it at least once, but after that’s done, you could spend the rest of your time actively avoiding them as much as possible. You know, like I did. It’s there for those who want that extra fanservice, but mostly avoidable for people who don’t.

This element of choice permeates Disney Magical World 2 Your actions influence which guests do or don’t appear at your cafe. By pulling together the proper themes, you can bring in the characters you love the most. Of course, completionists will probably want to unlock everything, but you can savor time spent with characters you love once that’s done. My priority was getting the Wreck It Ralph crew in A.S.A.P., because that is one of my most beloved Disney movies in recent memory. It may not be exactly easy to get the ones you want right away, but Disney Magical World lets you work your way toward happy memories with such characters.

Giving people the opportity to host dance segments during parties is appreciated as well. For people who do love these Disney characters, it’s extra time spent with them. Those who decide to add that extra touch get to see their avatar dance with specific icons. People who choose to pass on that don’t lose out on any extra rewards. It’s an opportunity for players who want it, but doesn’t penalize ones who don’t.

Disney Magical World 2 is completely and totally focused on Disney properties. It’s a cavalcade of cross-overs and plugs for the Magical Kingdom’s products. Fanservice is infused into every moment. But, it’s always to the benefit of the player. There’s an element of choice here. You can expose yourself to as much or as little as you’d like, spending time with the characters you love the most. What you see and do is up to you.

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