How to date in Tamagotchi Mix

Tamagotchi are virtual pets that have become increasingly detailed as time goes by. In many of the recent incarnations, players have the ability to create whole dynasties in their games. Once an owner has a character, they can pair it off with another via an in-game matchmaker or with a character someone else has raised in their own game. Tamagotchi Mix is no different. This latest line of course allows people to pair off their characters together to create families. However, it is when someone doesn’t have a real-world cohort that things get interesting.

Tamagotchi Mix does not offer a matchmaker system. There is no way to instantly pair your character up with another for breeding purposes. Instead, the game offers a friendship system. The pet is so elaborate that an actual dating system is in place. Granted, it is never as elaborate as an actual dating simulation, but it is quite easy to begin immediately laying the groundwork for a successful relationship within this virtual pet.

Your Tamagotchi’s dating life begins in Tamagotchi Mix when it enters the child stage. It is at this point that the character can actually leave the house. There are two locations a character can visit, shown via the main menu. The door takes you to the town right outside your door, while the bus takes you to a city destination of your choice. (Tama Town is the only destination immediately available.) While there are multiple locations where potential spouses live, taking the bus to a location is your best bet for finding virtual pet love.

When your Tamagotchi boards the bus, they can take one of their toys with them. Toys are the best investment in the game. This is because different romantic candidates have different toy preferences. Heading to a town via bus with a toy means you may have a chance of meeting with that character if you choose the first option upon reaching a place. Having an item they like best will boost your relationship. For example, I wanted my first character to end up with Mametchi. He likes electronic toys, so I always sent her to town with either the rocket ship or robot toy. He was always very excited to see these items, boosting their relationship.

The relationship level between characters in Tamagotchi Mix is easy to check. In the main menu, in the second row, there is a book icon. The first option in this section is the Tamagotchi Tomodachi list. You can see all of the characters you have met so far and what they think of your character. If the bar is filled and red, it means it may be time to propose. It is at this point that you can either go to town or one of the cities to visit the TamaDepa department store and buy a ring. Once you have one, it is possible to propose by choosing a location, then a love interest.

However, if a player prefers to save money, it is possible to just… keep visiting the character you want your Tamagotchi to marry at their location. The character will pop the question. You can choose three responses when this happens. The first is yes, which makes the two immediately get married and have a baby. The second is no, which will cut off all future proposals from that character. The third is to think about it, which postpones any relationship.

Now, relationships are not exactly deep in Tamagotchi Mix. It is not like characters have extensive, defined personality. At most, they will only speak one or two sentences on special occasions. So you are not pairing characters off based on that. Instead, it is more superficial. This game takes genetic traits into account when preparing the next generation of characters. So when you decide to make your Tamagotchi get hitched, pick a character you like the look of. The ensuing offspring will take traits from the father and mother to determine its overall look.

The Tamagotchi Mix is easy to play and understand, even if you do not speak Japanese. Putting together virtual pet dynasties is a simple task, one that can be kicked off in a matter of days. My first Tamagotchi was fully grown and married over the course of a three-day weekend. If you are looking for one that requires a bit more depth and interactivity than usual, the Tamagotchi Mix is one to get.

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