Conveni Dream doesn’t ignore the details

Think about what you can get for $5 on your 3DS. You can grab original Game Boy or Game Gear Virtual Console releases, as well as some brief, entertaining titles like Fairune and Gunman Clive. But, Virtual Console options aside, most of these value games aren’t exactly detailed. That is, until Conveni Dream arrived. Now that it’s hit the scene, people can experience a surprisingly deep simulation on their 3DS.

Conveni Dream tasks us with running a convenience store. We have as much time as we want to take care of the business; it’s impossible to fail. This works to our benefit. There’s an extraordinary wealth of products, shelving options and other accoutrements. Having that no-stress environment means we can experiment to see which parameters and strategies work for our stores.

Let’s start with stocking. As your store levels up, new options become available. While everyone gets very basic shelving units to start, new varieties and designs open up. Aside from altered appearance, they’re able to hold different goods and in greater groupings. Starting simply is fine, but eventually more units become a necessity due to the volume of customers coming through the shop on a daily basis. You have to meet their demands.

conveni dream 3

Stock stats are quite detailed Conveni Dream. Every item has an audience, price, profit margin and expiration date. The Lemon C energy drink, for example, is most wanted by adult women and can remain on shelves for 96 days. Young boys and teenage boys like hot dogs, which have a shelf life of three days. You have to think about the practicality of stocking items that expire quickly, as well as who you do or don’t want in the stores. Keeping up with newly earned items is of equal importance, as you’ll eventually have options that appeal to multiple audiences.

Special and seasonal circumstances must be considered as well. On some holidays, select items can be sold. Every shopper, regardless of gender or age, will want to buy this particular product. If an idol festival is on, more men will come to the shop. It behooves you to completely alter all merchandise to cater to their desires. Even weather makes a difference, as umbrellas and raincoats sell wonderfully during storms. Timing matters.

Even staff must be hand-picked and properly prepared for every situation. Conveni Dream starts us out with three people. They’re at the lowest possible stats and have no special skills. Eventually, we have a larger pool of candidates to hire from, with some possessing unique abilities. Remember the idol festival I mentioned earlier? Hiring Yuto Yamaki to work while it’s running will increase business, as she’s popular with teenage boys. If it’s a slow period, Youko Saitou is a good pick, as shelf goods sell better when she’s on duty.

conveni dream 2

Making sure these employees wear appropriate seasonal uniforms helps too. There are nine different uniforms in Conveni Dream. While three are cosmetic, the other six can bring in additional customers in certain months. Spending $5,000 on the kimono uniform is a great idea, since it boosts appeal when worn in both July and August. It’s important to keep your workers relevant.

The employees aren’t the only people you need to pay attention to in Conveni Dream. Certain customers need extra care. Occasionally, you’ll come across a shoplifter. An employee might catch the offender on his or her own, but it’s also possible to tap and tag them for immediate interception. Drunkards can wander into the store at night and must be tapped multiple times to get them out. There’s even a chance an ordinary customer could become a complainer, should the item they want suddenly be out of stock. You can’t coast; you have to pay attention.

It’s a sentiment that holds true for every element of Conveni Dream. This is a budget title, to be sure. It’s also a very precise simulation with a number of factors to consider at every moment. You need to know what equipment you’ve placed, which items you’re trying to sell, who you trust with your shop and the sorts of people that will stop by. With all of these elements, perhaps it’s for the best that you don’t have to worry about crashing and burning. There’s enough to consider when running this shop. Knowing there’s lots of leeway keeps things comfortable when making every decision.

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