Celebrating five years of Michibiku!

Hello, Michibiku readers! Today marks five years since we launched this little site of ours, and we want to express our appreciation to you for visiting our neck of the woods and checking out our guides, videos and other, as we say, cool stuff.

If you look around, you might find, well, no revenue sources on this site. We do this for the joy of introducing good people to cool games, and we’ll keep doing so as long as we can. Our publishing schedule changes as our lives change and we gain opportunities to reach people on larger platforms, but we’ll keep bringing you the best when we’re able. After all, no one’s going to pay me to write a Picross timeline. As always, anything you can do to spread the word and help us help you is key!

To celebrate this anniversary, throughout the month, Jenni and I will be sharing our favorite pieces from the past five years. We’ve always worked to make what we write timeless and relevant, and these are hopefully as enjoyable to you now as they were years ago. If not, uh, sorry, I guess!

Thanks for reading. This post specifically, and also… generally!


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