The best visual novel/adventure games of 2016

2016 has been a fantastic year for visual novels. We’ve seen entries in the Zero Escape, Phoenix Wright and Steins;Gate series. There have been entirely new games, like Ozmafia, Harmonia and Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness. There were so many words, people. So many. Though it was a difficult task, we narrowed the field and are happy to present our three favorite visual novels of 2016 here today.

Best Visual Novel/Adventure Game of 2016: Zero Time Dilemma

The Zero Escape series has taken us through many twists and turns. We’ve gotten to know mysterious people, escaped all sorts of rooms and survived lethal games. With Zero Time Dilemma, we’ve finally reached a resolution. All of the cards are on the table. The lose ends have been tied together. We know it all now, and that’s a fantastic feeling. – Jenni

Runner-up: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice has it all. We get to defend the innocent as both Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. Characters come back from every installment in the series. There are so, so many puns. This is a fantastic adventure that was absolutely developed for the fans. – Jenni

Runner-up: Ozmafia

Mangagamer released its first otome game this year, and what a game it is. Ozmafia tells a fanciful story that offers comedic, dramatic, mysterious and, of course, romantic elements. All of the characters we can pursue are fully-realized and engaging characters, making it easy to fall in love with them. – Jenni

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