The best strategy games of 2016

It’s great to live in a world that embraces strategy games. That’s certainly not always been the case, but games like Fire Emblem have shown that the appeal extends beyond the most niche. They can be big blockbusters as well as cool little diversions, you know, as long as they’re good.

Best Strategy Game of 2016: Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates didn’t just take us through one campaign, it sent us through three strategic storylines. We’ve been given armies with varying compositions and objectives, challenging us to come up with new ways to meet every goal. It’s a satisfying experience, one that leaves you wondering what you’ll do the next time you play. – Jenni

Runner-up: Gotta Protectors

Its localization was a long time coming, but Ancient’s action-tower-defense game was well worth the wait. It’s a compelling game alone, but it’s at its best with three friends circled around and sharing strategies. And the music! Yuzo Koshiro and friends put together a smash of a soundtrack for the game, with modern sensibilities coloring a game that’s a love letter to the retro. Seriously, don’t miss out. – Graham

Runner-up: Grand Kingdom

An attempt at truly grand strategy, Grand Kingdom combines small tactical skirmishes with a world stage, making you feel like you can really contribute to your team when you want to make a difference. The real fun, though, is in the solo campaign, with lots of unit types to manage and configure! – Graham

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