The best rhythm games of 2016

There weren’t too many games that got our toes tapping this year. But, the ones that did appear brought us plenty of “Satisfaction” and “Tap Trials.” These two brought the joy of music to our systems this year, while also leaving us with more than a few great songs stuck in our heads.

Best Rhythm Game of 2016: Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Do you know how good Rhythm Heaven Megamix? It’s so delightful, I bought it twice. And frankly, I’d pay for it a third time too. The music games in this compilation are incredible, as this collection brings together all of the best tracks from previous Rhythm Heaven games and introduces us to new favorites. Grab your Marching Orders and enjoy a Catchy Tune! – Jenni

Runner-up: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

Miku’s path diverged this year, and to thoroughly pleasant effect: the upcoming-in-the-West Future Tone opting to be a repository of lots of songs to play and this release, Diva X, opting to be more of a traditional game with progression and structure. Along with Mirai, these three pillars allow each side of Miku to shine bright. – Graham

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