The best musou games of 2017

There are so many musou games out there, people. Do you know how many there are? So many that this year, Michibiku had to actually make a “best musou games” category! We beat up hordes of enemies this year with all sorts of heroes and had a rather good time as we did! These three games really stood out!

The best musou game of 2017: Dragon Quest Heroes II

I do not like playing musou games alone. I think the genre is at its best when you can get together with a friend to beat baddies. Square Enix understood that with the Dragon Quest Heroes sequel. We could finally play with friends, both for story missions and original dungeons. Of course, other improvements abound in this installment, like the ability to alter the original characters’ classes, a larger roster of playable characters and do more as we explore the world. It’s dangerous to go alone! – Jenni

Musou games go bad when they feel devoid of gameplay inspiration. Dragon Quest Heroes II never has that problem, borrowing ideas from Dragon Quest and fleshing out its combat and systems in ways that transcend the traditional Warriors experience. There’s still a lot of button-mashing if you want it, but the progression makes it feel a lot more rewarding. – Graham

Runner-up: Fire Emblem Warriors

I did not expect the Fire Emblem formula to translate so well to a musou game, but here we are with Fire Emblem Warriors as quite a success. The weapon triangle is intact. Characters can interact with one another to get items that let you earn and assign special skills to units. Making characters team up on the field will let you build affinity, aid one another and easily switch between the most efficient equipment for every encounter. The History Mode even allows you to relive certain situations in a more active way. I would even say it is a better team up than its predecessor, Hyrule Warriors! – Jenni

Runner-up: Opoona 2

Some may call this game “Warriors All-Stars,” but they’re wrong because Opoona is in this one. And that is worth recognition. There are also some other characters you may recognize from Koei Tecmo’s games, and… that’s about it! This is a normal, everyday musou game with Opoona in it. – Graham

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