A beginner’s guide to Kairosoft simulations

There are so many Kairosoft games in the world. Every few months, a new simulation establishes itself on our Android and iOS devices. But, which one would you want to unintentionally invest ten or twenty hours into? That’s why we’re here to help. Read on; we’ll help you find your footing!

Producing products

The must-play: Game Dev Story (Android and iOS, 2010)

Game Dev Story is the first mobile game Kairosoft released and is most likely the game someone will recommend when they suggest you try one of this company’s titles. It also falls into a genre where you’re attempting to create some sort successful item and help your developer grow in success. This is the most basic experience and directs you to work as a video game developer who makes games for various systems. You experiment with genres and themes to make a product people will buy. Do well, and you might even begin to develop both hardware and software.

The next step: March to a Million (Android and iOS, 2017)

Playing March to a Million after Game Dev Story will help you think about product creation in a slightly different way. While you are technically running a talent agency management, the game is really about producing successful performers. You’re attempting to become the best at moving a product, but the product is a person. This game gets you thinking about training people and managing their output for the greater good.

The deep cut: Pocket League Story (Android, 2011; iOS, 2012)

Pocket League Story is one of Kairosoft’s hidden gems. It’s one of the best games they’ve ever made and, technically, it falls into the production genre. Here, you’re attempting to produce a successful soccer team. You recruit and train players, assign coaches, manage the team and even build your own stadium. It’s a very thoughtful process, and the experience you may have gained from games like Game Dev Story and March to a Million will come in handy here.

The rest: Anime Studio Story (Android, 2015; iOS, 2016), Grand Prix Story (Android and iOS, 2011), Magazine Mogul (Android, 2014; iOS, 2015), The Manga Works (Android and iOS, 2016), Pocket League Story 2 (Android, 2013; iOS, 2016), Pocket Stables (Android and iOS, 2013), Skyforce, Unite! (Android and iOS, 2016) and Tennis Club Story (Android and iOS, 2016).

Founding a town

The must-play: Dungeon Village (Android and iOS, 2012)

Have you ever played a JRPG set in a fantasy world? Did you wonder how these towns survived in the wilderness, surrounded by monsters? Dungeon Village tasks you with protecting and caring for one of these hamlets. You build it up in such a way that it can thrive and heroes that pass through can grow. Doing well and attracting people capable of clearing dungeons makes your place more popular, allowing it to grow larger.

The next step: Ninja Village (Android, 2013; iOS, 2014)

Many of Kairosoft’s village simulations go beyond developing a town. They involve RPG and strategic elements. Ninja Village is one of the best games to fuse these concepts. You develop a Sengoku-era ninja village, making sure it’s a functional society, then participate in battles against other clans to unify Japan. Different military units offer different bonuses and drawbacks. The battle system is a little more involved than Dungeon Village’s, so start there and, if you like it, try being a ninja for a while.

The deep cut: SimCity 4 (PC, 2003)

Kairosoft’s simulations are all rather light fare. You don’t have to think too hard as you attempt to build up a town. If you’re enjoying building up a small burg on your phone or tablet, upgrading to a bigger borough on your PC is the next step. SimCity 4 is a more involved and time-intensive game for people who are looking to do a little more.

The rest: Biz Builder Delux (Android, 2014; iOS, 2015), Epic Astro Story (Android, 2011; iOS, 2012), High Seas Saga (Android, 2015; iOS, 2016), Kairobotica (Android, 2012; iOS, 2014), Legends of Heropolis (Android and iOS, 2016), Oh! Edo Towns (Android, 2012; iOS, 2011) and Venture Towns (Android, 2012; iOS, 2011).

Running a business

The must-play: Mega Mall Story (Android and iOS, 2011)

Did you ever play Sim Tower? Because Mega Mall Story is a lot like Sim Tower. You own a mall and need to put in stores and facilities. How you organize things will determine whether or not customers will come in, which means managing your space is the best way to remain profitable and popular. It’s one of the more relaxed management simulations; it requires quite a bit of planning, but you don’t have to be constantly keeping an eye on every element of the business.

The next step: Pocket Academy (Android, 2012; iOS, 2011)

This is one of the more intensive Kairosoft situation management simulations. In Pocket Academy, you manage a school. You need to help bring in students, keep their grades up, get their clubs to win competitions and organize the grounds in such a way that Popular Spots up to encourage growth. This is a game where you have to monitor your attendees and facility very closely to win.

The deep cut: Cafeteria Nipponica (Android and iOS, 2012)

One of Kairosoft’s staples are restaurant management simulations. In Cafeteria Nipponica, you’re developing dishes, sending staff out to hunt for ingredients, attempting to put together a menu that will appeal to people, manage staff, properly arrange your restaurant layout and develop perfect recipes. There are a lot of factors to consider, which means failing due to a lack of money is a very distinct possibility.

The rest: Bonbon Cakery (Android, 2015; iOS, 2016), Dream House Days (Android and iOS, 2013), Fish Pond Park (Android and iOS, 2015), Hot Springs Story (Android and iOS, 2011), Pocket Arcade Story (Android and iOS, 2016), Pocket Clothier (Android and iOS, 2012), Pocket Harvest (Android, 2013; iOS, 2014), The Pyraplex (Android, 2012; iOS, 2014), The Ramen Sensei (Android and iOS, 2015), Station Manager (Android and iOS, 2016), The Sushi Spinnery (Android, 2012; iOS, 2013) and World Cruise Story (Android, 2011; iOS, 2014).

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