Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is a great example of a happy enough ending

We don’t always get the endings we want or deserve. Reality doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, all we can hope for is a conclusion that leaves everyone in the best possible position, considering current events. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is one of those games that acknowledges reality might not always be considerate and gives us an ending that may not be completely happy. Instead, things work out as well as can be expected.

Note: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 spoilers ahead.

During the course of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Gunvolt’s muse companion, a synthetic adept named Joule, and Copen’s ill twin sister, Mytyl, are abducted by Eden and its Seven to further their own plans. After beating both Gunvolt and Copen’s storylines, a true ending can be unlocked. Due to Mytyl having been born with the Muse septima and Joule being an synthetic adept created in a lab and given that Muse power, the former can vacuum up the latter and her abilities. The two are combined into one being. Gunvolt and Copen are both still alive and stop fighting. Eden is defeated. Everything is mostly good, emphasis on mostly.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 recognizes the difficulty that could come from such a transition. Joule is a phantasm; her soul was tied to Gunvolt, preventing her from living the life she always wanted to live. She was a spirit, completely dependent on him for company. Mytyl has been sick since the day she was born; even after the Muse septima was removed, she remained homebound and mute. The procedure gives each woman what she needed. Joule gets a physical body and independent existence. Mytyl’s health and voice return. However, this new entity knows nothing of either girl’s past. She has the Muse septima ability and knows that both Gunvolt and Copen are important to her, but doesn’t understand how or why.


This is an unfortunate situation, of course. This new woman, who is henceforth considered to be Mytyl, gives both the original Mytyl and Joule everything they needed. But, neither of them exist in the way Gunvolt or Copen knew them. She’s certainly happy. She says so in the true ending’s epilogue. “Thank you. I’m happy now.” In this way, the characters and players get what we all deserved. Joule and Mytyl are alive, happy and well. The situation is also tinged with sadness, because the impossible perfect ending can’t happen. All we can get is this one where everyone has a degree of happiness.

Joule and Mytyl’s fusion means both Gunvolt and Copen get to move on. Both men get a chance to see her again, as a new person. Gunvolt meets the woman he cared and fought for, seeing her alive and well in a park. He’s with Quinn when they see this new Mytyl, suggesting he may even have a chance at a healthy, normal relationship. Copen gets to see his sister talk and walk, but then has to abandon his own family and her to keep her safe. Yet, there’s some good that comes from it for him too. Knowing that his sister is now an adept, the same sort of person he’s crusaded against, may help him become less fanatical in his fights and start seeing the world in shades of grey instead.

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