Who are Animal Crossing’s more unorthodox villagers?

In each Animal Crossing game, players get to meet an array of villagers who move into their towns and become their neighbors. These characters tend to be part of certain species. There are alligators, anteaters, bears, birds, bulls, cats, chickens, cows, cubs, deer, dogs, ducks, eagles, elephants, frogs, goats, hamsters, hippos, horses, kangaroos, koalas, gorillas, lions, mice, penguins, pigs, ostriches, rabbits, sheep, squirrels and tigers. All of these are rather typical and ordinary creatures. Yet within these confines, it is still possible to see more unusual creatures. There are, at this point, six characters that are a little more legendary.


Let’s start with Phoebe the phoenix. She is relatively new to the Animal Crossing family, as she first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, she is also the only legendary villager who is immediately available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which makes it easy to see her in one of the newest games and get to know her. While she follows the ostrich design pattern, she is definitely a different sort of bird. The fact that she is a phoenix is supported by her starting fire shirt, “sparky” catchphrase and love of fiery furniture in every game. Even her picture’s quote references the fact that phoenixes revive themselves, saying, “You can’t keep a good bird down.”


There is also Drago, who just joined Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on March 7, 2018! While Drago tends to be classified as an alligator, everything else about him screams dragon. Especially since he has horns and a fringe around his head that none of the other alligators possess. Like Phoebe, he first showed up in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The first time you meet him, he will be wearing a shirt with a dragon on it and will use the catchphrase, “Burrrn.” His home will even have flooring with dragons on it. Should you get his picture, it even says, “There’s no room for two dragons in one pond.”


Ribbot is not exactly as fantastic as those other two, but he is still quite unusual. This frog is a robot. Of all the otherworldly critters here, Ribbot is the oldest, as he debuted in the Nintendo 64 Doubutsu no Mori. Early on, his catchphrase was, “Zzrrbbitt.” Unfortunately, that changed to: “Toady.” You can clearly see all of his sheet metal and bolts, and when he opens his mouth it looks quite mechanical. Depending on the game, his home changes. It can have an outer space theme, though he also likes robotic items and things from the Sleek series. As for his picture quote, it is “Never rest, never rust.”


While many of our featured critters are ones you would not see in real life, Tucker is based on an actual animal. This elephant is actually a mammoth. He is distinguished from the more ordinary elephants by being the only one with actual tusks. As an indication of his age, he wears a cave man outfit. What’s fun is how his ideal job and quote have historical references. He would love to be an archaeologist. Plus, his picture says, “Time makes fossils of us all.” This Animal Crossing: New Leaf newcomer really gives us extra options.


Julian may look like a horse at first glance, but he is really a unicorn. He has a single horn on his head, altering his character model. And, as with many of these unusual creatures, he made his debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Aside from the obvious, he does not have many other nods to his otherworldly origins. Sure, “glitter” is his starting catchphrase as a reference to how sparkly unicorns are said to be, but he is otherwise lowkey about his nature.


Finally, we have Hans. This is the gorilla that is a yeti who made his debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Though he has the gorilla character model, everything else about him is meant to represent a yeti. His face is blue, with a different sort of nose. His fur is all white. He also has a room filled with wintry items, like a snowboard, skis, an ice chest and a store’s cooler. He’s yet another fun friend.

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