How to add a class change system to RPG Maker Fes

We’ve already gone over the freedom RPG Maker Fes can give a creator. The variable system allows players to build dating sim elements into their games. People can put together a large world with detailed events. But what if someone wants to make a game where every character can change classes? That’s possible too. You are able to set things up in such a way that your characters can determine their starting class, as well as eventually advance to a more adept version of that class later on in the game.

It all starts with RPG Maker Fes’ Profession system. In your Database, it is possible to create up to 16 different classes for your characters. Each one has its own level up increases, allowing you to determine how HP, MP, strength, defense, magic, intelligence and speed grows. You also can describe the job, set up to two special abilities and determine which special abilities each job can have, as well as determine when they learn them. When it comes to those skills, you can have 128 total. Keep in mind that this reservoir of abilities is tapped into by both characters and enemies, so you need to have a good balance available. Heading into the Weapons and Defensive Item sections of the Database, after making classes, will allow you to make equipment and determine which classes can use which bits of equipment.

All characters have starter profession in RPG Maker Fes. This means it is wise to have one beginner job set up as essentially some sort of Freelancer position. Depending on how you’re going to organize your game and if you will force players to pick a job for their characters after beginning the adventure, you may or may not want to assign skills to this initial job class. Regardless of your choice, it means you will have 15 classes available for your custom experience.

Before you set a system in place to have characters choose in your game choose jobs, you should determine how many options you want to have in place. Given the limitations of RPG Maker Fes, I suggest having four starter jobs and four advanced versions of those jobs. Perhaps have one physical damage-dealing role, one person who uses damaging magic, another that can heal and a final class that applies buffs and debuffs. In which case, you would have four starting classes and four advanced versions of the classes for a total of eight professions. However, if you’re a more advanced creator, you could put in a branching event directive that would offer two possible advanced professions depending on a choice you make later in the game. This would be very possible, as it would mean having 12 total jobs.

Now, the trick is getting a system in place to allow for the job changes. I suggest going with the Kingdom Hearts approach. Remember how Sora finds himself in a room at the beginning and must pick a focus? Well, that is what you could do with your RPG Maker Fes game. You will want to create as many events as you have starting classes. Let’s say you had a healer, mage, trickster and warrior as your options. Put four NPCs in a room in front of your character. We will begin with the healer possibility.

You’ll want to choose Message from Message Control first, to have the person say something like, “Do you want to be a healer?” After that, go to Branch Control for the Yes/No option. When this is up, under “Yes” you should put a Status Control “Change Profession” directive. In there, you choose the character and the job to change to from your list. Since your character will be at level one already and not know any skills, you don’t need to worry about choosing the continue or forget options for the level, status, and skill sections. Then, choose Move Control’s “Move Location” to send your character to the actual starting position in the game. Repeat this three more times for the other professions. Then, later in the game when you want the jobs to advance, you will need to have more NPCs ready to eventually usher them into more advanced roles with similar event structures in place.

RPG Maker Fes may have its limitations, but the Nintendo 3DS game does offer people more freedom than they would expect. Yes, the amount of memory you are allowed and range of characters and options could keep someone from doing everything they want, but it is still possible to put together promising things.

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