5 Things Little Friends: Dogs & Cats gets right about, well, dogs and cats

When playing through a pet simulation, people might wonder exactly how accurate the experience is. Does the game show off the downsides and messy parts of pet ownership? Does it have moments where someone who has owned a dog or cat will realize it rings true? While Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is more of a friendly and “easy” take on these sorts of relationships, there are plenty of times where it can be accurate.

1. Cats will sit and do nothing all day.

One of the things you can do in Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is just watch your dogs and cats. With dogs, this means seeing them cavort around the area and do cute things. With cats, this can mean watching them sit and sleep or maybe hop up into the window where they will also sit and sleep.

Yeah, cats aren’t that exciting.

2. Dogs are very easy to please.

Do you know one of the surefire ways to make a dog like you in Little Friends: Cats & Dogs? Toss a frisbee at them at the training arena. For two dogs now, it has been the best way to quickly level up our relationship. Press A to throw the flying disc. Wait for the dog to get it. Press A to take it back or ZR to praise them if they caught it. Press A to throw it again.

But, know what also works? Throwing a ball to the dog in your virtual house. Throw the ball. Wait. Take it back. Throw it again. They will instantly fall in love.

3. Pets can be finicky about food.

Sure, your pets will likely eat anything that identifies as food and is placed in front of them. Plop it down, let them eat up. All is well. But, every animal also has its own preferred type of food. Like you may have a dog that likes moist tuna or a cat that likes hard beef kibble. They’ll be even more satisfied than usual if you feed them these. Not that they’ll turn down the other stuff.

4. Cats and dogs can absolutely be cute lil’ buddies.

It is 100% possible and easy for cats and dogs to get along and be friends. The younger the animals are when you expose them to each other, the better chance you’ll have that they’ll be okay. Since all of the pets in Little Friends: Dogs & Cats are kittens and puppies, there are no fights here. There’s just perfect, idyllic harmony where every animal happily gets along.

5. Animals in outfits are better in theory than in practice.

The idea of animals completely dressed up seems so cute! I mean, anyone who happens into a big box store around Halloween will see a number of options. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats has so many customization options for the pets. You have costumes, practical outfits, impractical accessories and just anything you could want. And sure! It’s fun to dress them as outlandishly as possible initially.

Except, after a while, you might see them trying to play in this kind of attire and think, “Running after a flying disc as a reindeer seems like it would be really uncomfortable and perhaps add some wind resistance that would keep you from getting better scores.” Then, you might realize that while such attire could be totally adorable, maybe moderation is best.

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