Ten times Danganronpa Another Episode’s Toko Fukawa was the best

Know who’s great? Toko Fukawa from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Well, she was great in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc too, but in the latest release she really gets the chance to shine. She’s someone you can root for, even though she’s a psychotic serial killer part of the time.

But really, Danganronpa‘s Toko is great, and today we’re going to go over exactly what makes her so special.

danganronpa toko insult nice

Just because Toko’s mad at someone doesn’t mean she won’t acknowledge their finer points. She’ll go ahead and call you out when you’re being obnoxious… in a nice way.

toko insult

But if you really are pushing it, Toko doesn’t hesitate to use her writer’s mind to come up with the most creative disses ever. Burn!

danganronpa toko harsh

Don’t worry, though. Toko is as harsh on herself as she is on others. Because we’re all our own biggest critics.

danganronpa toko fantasy

Toko has wild and vivid fantasies about the man she loves, like we all do. (Don’t deny it.) And they’re outrageously impossible and ridiculous. (Just like ours!)

toko joke

Even in dire situations, you have to keep your sense of humor. Toko gets that and employs sarcasm when the situation calls for it.

danganronpa toko questions

She also goes out of her way to ask the important questions in Danganronpa Another Episode. Toko knows what matters.

toko leader

Toko is also ready to take the lead if no one steps up. If you need someone to get something done in Danganronpa, she’s your woman.danganronpa toko sides

People have different sides to themselves, and you should never make assumptions about anyone. Toko gets this and is always ready to share that knowledge.

toko serious 1

All kidding aside, Toko isn’t only included as comic relief. There’s depth to this Danganronpa heroine. She knows people should always keep growing.

danganronpa toko serious 2

And she’s ready to share the knowledge she’s learned with others, to help give them hope and keep pushing forward.

So kudos to Toko Fukawa, easily one of the best characters in the Danganronpa series. How much do you love her?

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